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    S Smart Dynamo

    From Oregon Scientific comes this new activity tracker that monitors activity levels 24/7. It measures steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, hours and quality of sleep and manages to look stylish on your wrist for everyday wear. GBP 85*. uk.oregonscientific.com


    Doxie Flip

    The Flip is a flatbed scanner that works with all kinds of photos, sketches, small objects. Because ita��s lightweight and portable and comes without wires, you can take it anywhere and no PC is required. Therea��s even a transparent scan window that lets you see as you scan. USD 149*. getdoxie.com


    Magellan Echo

    The Echo displays real-time data from fitness apps while being connected to your smartphone. It has a remote for music and runs on regular coin batteries. The one-inch display is bright and legible, while the body is water resistant and rugged. USD 150*.


    Kazam Smartphone

    Kazam is a new smartphone brand that aims to provide quality hardware and software at affordable prices. The Android phones will come in various sizes and configurations and have services like free cracked screen replacement and remote support.
    Coming soon. Kazam.mobi


    Skully HUD Helmet P1

    A Heads-Up display integrated into the Skully P1 helmet provides you extra situational awareness like showing navigation details, blind spots and speed zones. It also has a 180A� rear view camera that lets you see whata��s behind you. Integration with a smartphone also allows you to control music, send texts and make calls. Most important, it acts as a secure and safe, lightweight robust helmet to protect your head! Available early 2014. Skullyhelmets.com


    Wall of Sound 2.0

    This massive iPhone dock speaker ships early 2014 and costs USD 6,900*. With a max output of 8000w, it weighs 178KG and will put a massive dent on your electricity bill. But you can have a bloc party and listen via Bluetooth and WiFi. Each piece is individually hand-made in Sweden. Thewosexperience.com


    Harman Kardon Nova

    These wireless streaming speakers are shaped liked orbs, emit high quality sound and look cool doing it. You can connect via Bluetooth, NFC and 3.5mm. USD 300*. harmankardon.com

    a��Ashok Pandian

    *All prices are approximate and may vary according to dealers




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