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    Linshof i8 Smartphone
    Come 2015 and the i8 will be available in an elegant shape with a refreshing UI based on Android 5.0. With a five inch full HD display, 80GB of storage, octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and a 13MP Sony rear cam, this may be the phone to get if you want something different yet feature loaded. linshof.com

    Breva Genie 01Breva Genie 01
    The Genie 01 is a unique timepiece in that it analogously displays time, altitude, weather forecast and power reserve. At 44.7mm the watch is 30m water resistant and has a sapphire crystal and comes with an alligator strap. Limited to 110 pieces, the watch is one of a kind. Breva-watch.com

    MikMe is a microphone that lets you record studio-quality sound. The wireless recording microphone, in development stages, and accompanying app could revolutionise the music industry when it launches in May 2015. Kickstarter.com

    Sony-FES-watch-e-ink-3Sony FES watch
    A Sony-backed upcoming E-ink watch will have the face and the band change according to your movements. The crowd funded watch will be released by FES sometime next year.

    Doxie Go WiFi
    If you wish to minimise paper use, the Doxie GO wireless edition is fantastic. Ita��s rechargeable, portable and scans all your docs seamlessly. You can later sync to your PC/Mac/iOS device via WiFi. getdoxie.com

    philips tablet cleaner copyPhilips Tablet Cleaner
    Herea��s a cleaner that plays well with your tablets. It removes dirt, smudges and fingerprints and is convenient to carry around. amazon.co.uk

    This connected wearable from LG is for children and allows them to make and receive phone calls (from and to designated numbers). Parents can also locate their child at any given point using GPS. Available in the US and Korea for now. Requires a cellular contract.

    V copyV.360 camera
    This panoramic camera is ideal for taking 360 degree video/stills and uploading for live viewing. It also shares supporting environmental stats using built-in barometers, accelerometer and altimeter. Ita��s waterproof and compatible with traditional camera mounts and GoPro mounts. Vsnmobil.com



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