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    Canona��s new flagship digital SLR boasts an incredible 50.6MP full frame CMOS sensor. It also shoots full HD 30p videos in movie-like quality. Dual DIGIC 6 image processors allow you to process incredibly large and realistic images ideal for fine art and commercial printing. usa.canon.com

    HP Pavilion Mini
    This mini desktop provides a powerful package in a small form factor. With 1 TB of storage, dual monitor connectivity, HDMI out multiple USB 3.0 ports you can take this wherever you like. Store.hp.com

    MOTA SmartRing
    Don’t like wrist devices? Get a SmartRing from MOTA which will update you on calls, texts, social media. Available in black and white. pre-order now shop.mota.com

    EERO Wi-Fi
    EERO is a start-up that aims to provide a Wi-Fi system. A set of multiple EEROs placed in different areas of your house will provide super-fast, stable Wi-Fi everywhere. Connect up to 10 EEROs to a single modem to enjoy seamless wifi. Pre-order now Eero.com

    Panono integrates 36 different cameras to provideA�you with a 100 megapixel 360 degree view.
    You can throw it up in the air and at its highest point it triggers a super view of the entire area around you. panono.com

    Alcatel One Touch
    Alcatela��s smart watchA� lets you preview messages, emails, social updates and acts as a remote for your camera. It also keeps track of your steps take, time slept, calories burnt and monitors your heart rate. A strap embedded USB port is perfect for charging at ease. Available in multiple colours. Alcatelonetouch.com

    Canon CS 100
    The CS 100 Connect station bypasses the need of a hard drive to store your images and video. It has 1Tb of storage that is wirelessly accessible (NFC/Wi-Fi). It also lets you transfer via USB and SD/CF Cards. You may view your video through the HDMI slots on your big TV, print photos wirelessly and share photos/video between two CS 100s at different locations.usa.canon.com

    UE MegaBoom
    The MegaBoom claims to be a wireless speaker on steroids! And we agree. It pumps 360 degree sound with pounding bass and is ideal for small parties. You can also wirelessly connect with an app and another UE MegaBoom/Boom for stereo sound. IPX 7 waterproof. ultimateears.com



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