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    Is there a shiny new gadget youa��dA� like to tell us about?A� Mail gadgetboy@newindianexpress.com

    Sony LED speaker
    Sony has introduced a new bulb (LED) which doubles back as a BT/NFC paired speaker. Available in Japan. sony.jp

    BluBoo X550
    The BluBoo is an Android smartphone with a 5.5-inch display running Android 5.1. But the killer feature is a massive 5300mAh battery thata��ll keep it running for a long time.
    Pre-order now on bluboo.com.cn

    Fortis 2pi
    Fortis makes unique watches that are highly functional and durable. The 2pi is a limited edition (150 pieces) art watch designed by Rolf Sachs, and sports a coloured grid print. The dial itself is filled with superluminova for a unique glow in low light. The 42mm watch also sports a sapphire crystal and an automatic Swiss movement. fortis-swiss.com
    Italic light
    This minimal lamp, slants like an italicised a�?ia�� and is a great addition to your living/bed room. If the light is not pointed outside, a warm glow Blubooemanates from the marble base when lit. Price to be announced. Coordination-berlin.com

    Corsair Voyager Air 2 Plus
    Corsaira��s Voyager Air 2 Plus comes with 1 TB of storage. Ita��s also highly portableA� and doesn’t require an internet connection to stream your media. Compatible with Airplay and DLNA, it works with iOS , Android and web browsers. amazon.com

    This neat website designed by Wolfram Alpha will try and identify any image you throw at it. The results vary from highly accurate to highly interesting. Check it out. imageidentify.com

    Sony HT ST 9
    Sonya��s ST 9 is a 7.1 channel sound bar with a wireless sub. It plays Hi Res audio and interestingly also streams audio to wireless Sony headphones. Pre-order now. store.sony.com.

    Vortex Wind Turbine
    A company called Vortex Bladeless is planning to use wind energyA� gained from its bladeless turbines (the pillars shake back and forth) as an alternative to the regular bladed turbines we normally see everywhere. Why switch? These dona��t have moving parts and cost much less than the original. Future of wind farming perhaps. bit.ly/1PPSFKA

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