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    Huawei Mate 8
    Huawei (pronounced wah-way) is launching its Mate 8 with a 6 inch full HD screen and a 16/8Mp front and back cameras. The dual SIM phone runs on Android 6.0 and is 4G friendly. Therea��s also a finger print sensor in the back for biometric security. Coming soon. huawei.com

    JoeyJoey Roth Ceramic speakers
    These speakers are extremely stylish with high quality sound to boot. They combine porcelain, wood and metal to produce audio bliss while looking great on your desk. It includes Bluetooth as well. joeyroth.com

    a�?Hovera�? boards
    The hottest gizmo in the market right now are these a�?hovera�? boards; a more appropriate name would be a�? electric hands-free scootera�? as these are not true hoverboards. However theya��re all the craze right now with many pre-empting a ban in public places overseas. Some of the names they go by a�� hands-free Segway, glide-board and a�?rideablea�?. Several available at amazon.in

    Mi Air purifier
    Good old Xiaomi (pronounced show-me) has an air purifier up its sleeve. It may be just what the doctor ordered, with levels of dust, smoke, pollution and pollen at its highest around us. It has a cylindrical filter that filters out over 99per cent of particles sized 0.3 micrometers and above. Therea��s also app integration for adjusting purifying levels from your phone, and a night mode for ultra quiet operation. mi.com/en/air

    Sony Mobile projector
    Sonya��s MP-CL1 is a laser pico projector thata��s truly mobile and portable. Ideal if you are the go, it projects movies, TV, games and photos wirelessly or via HDMi and MHL. The 1920×720 video is always focussed and can be projected up to a 120 inch size, from a super short distance. amazon.com

    Muhle Marinus GMT
    Muhle Glashutte is a German brand which specialises in robust and precise measuring instruments. The Marinus GMT is a super sturdy watch with dual time and an automatic movement (42 hour power reserve) , 300m water resistance and a 2.5mm sapphire crystal. watches-of-switzerland.co.uk

    Nokia230Nokia 230
    Nokiaa��s new 230 is a fun internet-enabled phone with dual cameras. The 2.8a�? screen is ample for daily usage. Therea��s also a built in torchlight and FM radio with microSD support. The 230 is good looking with a minimal sized body. microsoft.com

    Zarooq Sand racer
    The a�?Sand Racera�? is a 500-HP race car made in the UAE and specifically designed for desert terrain. Ita��s also road legal and air-conditioned. Expected to launch next year.

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