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Christopher Ward C5 square
Chris Ward makes good quality watches at great prices. The new C5 Malvern Slimline square is a watch that sits perfectly on wrists. Ita��s also slim and mechanical. Available in options of leather or Milanese straps with blue or white dials. christopherward.com

Zeiss ExoLens
The ExoLens is made for iPhone in collaboration with Zeiss and helps you take professional- level photos and videos. The lenses can be swapped and provide optical zoom as well as 90mm/165 degree wide angle options. exolens.com

Withings Go
The Go tracker measures your walking, running, swimming and your sleep. It has an E-ink screen which displays real time tracking, watch functions on demand and is bright in sunlight and water. Battery life is eight months. withings.com

2Fujifilm X70
The X70 is a retro camera from Fuji with plenty of bells and whistles to boot. The APS-C sized compact has a 18.5mm wide-angle lens and super fast AF(0.1sec). Therea��s also a tilt LCD touchscreen and a digital teleconverter. fujifilm.com

3Seagate 10TB HDD
Seagatea��s new helium filled hard disk offers 10Tb of storage and is aimed at cloud based data centers. The helium is sealed into the drive to reduce friction and resistance. Price to be announced. seagate.com

5Porsche Design 911 Soundbar
How cool is a soundbar where the sub is created using the original rear silencer and twin exhaust from a 911 GT3? Porsche says you get a deeper and louder experience as well as connectivity via BT. The 200 watt 2.1 virtual surround system is available at porsche-design.com

4Nadi Yoga pants
Nadia��s new yoga pants use haptic feedback to help the user correct their alignment while doing yoga along with a companion app. Coming later this year. nadiathletic.com

Kiba is an automatic video capture camera that also edits and stores on the cloud. Available in multiple colours. For more details and a demo
video go to getkiba.com


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