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Amazon TapSony-Xperia-X-
Amazona��s soon to release Tap is a portable speaker that utilises Amazona��s Alexa Voice service (to read news, play music, order food etc), it also plays content from Spotify, Pandora, Prime Music in clear sound powered by Dolby. With nine hours of playback and six lively colour options, this is one cool device. amazon.com





Zero ScooterZero scooter
This scooter is self-balancing and can go up to a speed of 32 kmph for a range of 50 kmph. It costs about `4 lakhs plus but hey, it weighs only 25 kg and youa��ll look sharp getting to work on it. belybel.com



Botta Uno

Botta design makes utilitarian watches with unique industrial designs, such as the Nova Uno 24 Neo. The single hand shows you the time of the day. Manufactured in Germany, this 24-hour one hand watch is perfect if you like your timepiece to be unique. botta-design.de

Sony Xperia X
The five-inch Xperia X has a metal back and curved glass wrapped around. It has several excellent features such as a 23Mp ultra fast-super clear camera, a 13MP front facing cam for superlative selfies, a 1080p full HD screen and HI res audio compatibility. Above all it looks great and comes in four cool colours. Coming soon. sony.com

Canon EOS 80DCanon EOS 80d
The New 80D comes loaded with a 24.3 MP sensor, a large viewfinder, high speed continuous shooting and full HD 60p support for videos. Canona��s 70D (80Da��s predecessor) was a smash hit for its ability to take great stills and video, wea��re guessing the 80D will please even more. Releasing soon. canon.com



Sony GTK 37iP

If you need massive sound for a quick fix in a relatively small form factor, the GTK 37iP from Sony may be a good bet. With 420W of RMS at your merry disposal, easy BT connectivity and a cradle for iOS devices, ita��s time to pump up the jam. sony.com

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 The ever-popular Phantom range of drones from DJI gets an upgrade with a new lens and gimbal system. The Phantom 4 promises sharper video, more stability and an interesting obstacle-avoidance system that lets it dodge obstacles by itself. With 28 minutes of flight-time (per charge) and speeds up to 45 mph this may be the drone to look out for. store.dji.com


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