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WatchAlivecor Kardia
This medical-grade EKG band, specifically made for the Apple watch, aims to discretely capture your EKG (electrocardiogram) anytime. It pairs with an iOS app to give you readings of your heart rate and rhythm, and even detects if you may be heading for a stroke. Coming later this year. Price TBA. alivecor.com

cats2Nixon Mission
The Mission is a fiercely rugged and water resistant sports smartwatch powered by Android wear. The watch is specifically geared towards surfing and snow sports, with pre-loaded apps providing real-time surf and snow alerts to your wrist. Available in three variants, we like the direction Nixon is going towards with its smartwatches.

Casio Exilim TR
Casioa��s Exilim TR is not only a great pocket-sized camera, available in multiple colours, but it also shoots and creates a cracking selfie. With features such as 12 levels of skin tone adjustments, skin smoothening and self-portrait modes, it is aimed at those looking to create that a�?perfecta�? selfie. casio.com

Nike Self-Lace Shoes
Nike has come up with some self-lacing shoes called the Hyper-adapt, which will go on sale by the end of the year. Therea��s no word on pricing yet, but the shoes will basically self-adapt once you step in andA�are adjusted using two buttons on the side, and possibly via an app. nike.com

The SpeetBox is a unique concept in modular cooking, conceived by Phillipe Starck. The 100 per cent airtight wood burning stove apparently produces three times less dust than a conventional stove and emits minimal emissions. It is also highly customisable. Price on request. speeta.com

Lyric Speaker
As far as speakers go, this one is absolutely cool, as the lyrics are displayed on the speakera��s body in a mesmerising manner. The speaker will connect to a database on playing a song and show the lyrics, harmonious with the mood and structure of the song. Preorders start in June.
lyric-speaker.com youtube/tNDAValahqo

J Watanabe Solar Jacket
Junya Watanabe is renowned for his avantgarde yet dramatic fashion designs. This solar-powered trench coat, designed and created by him, has four solar panels on the back and two up front to relay power to your smartphone on demand.

Oombrella is a connected smart umbrella that alerts you before rain and reminds you if youa��ve left it behind somewhere. The project is in the Kickstarter phase, but the concept and product look great. Ita��sA�also highly wind resistant, and has sensors to track temperature, pressure, humidity and light. As a bonus, it also has a screw thread on top to mount your GoPro or a similar action cam to view your journey in a new light. kickstarter.com


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