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Is there a shiny newA�gadget youa��d like to tellA�us about?GAD1

Huawei P9
The P9 has dual rear camerasA�co-engineered with Leica for betterA�light and clearer photos/videos.A�Constructed from aluminium andA�glass, the P9 has a fingerprintA�sensor, is loaded to the brim withA�features and power and comes in sixA�colours. Also to be available in a P6A�plus version. Coming soon to India.A�consumer.huawei.com


PorscheA�911 Chair A�`3.78 lakh*GAD2
This office chair sportsA�an original/currentA�Porsche 911 sport seatA�with height adjustment.A�The armrests and theA�backrests are fullyA�adjustable whilst theA�surface is made ofA�Porsche originalA�black leather.A�Made in Germany.A�shop2.porsche.com




GoPro Omni Rig

The omni is a spherical rig which uses six GoPro black cameras synchronised to provide high quality VR/VR like 360 degree video. Price TBA. gopro.com




Under ArmourA�ArchitechA�`20,000*
UAa��s performance training shoe featuresA�a 3-D printed midsole customised forA�individuals. 96 limited editions made.A�underarmour.com





SuuntoA�Traverse Alpha
This rugged watch is great for theA�outdoors with built in GPS/GlonassA�navigation. It also has specific huntingA�and fishing tools along with hiking aids.A�Tested to military standards. AvailableA�on April 19.

This wet shaving razor with patented blades is made ofA�titanium and will have no moving parts, plastics orA�rubbers. Promising a better shave the RZR is inA�kickstarter stage and has an estimated shipping date ofA�December 2016. kickstarter.com


HP SpectreA�13.3

HPa��s ultra thin laptop is only 10.4mm thick! Weighing at a little more

than a kilo, the machine isA�crafted with aluminium
and carbon fiber. The fullyA�loaded laptop runs onA�Windows 10, B&O audioA�and nine hours of batteryA�Available soon in India.A�store.hp.comA�in pursuit


MoleskineA�Smart writing setA�`13,200*
This specially designed notebook works with aA�smartpen and an App to digitise your notes andA�sketches. You can basically share and edit inA�real-time what you create on paper (withoutA�taking photos/scanning or uploading). It alsoA�comes with Pen+ which holds a hidden cameraA�that traces and digitises whatever you write.A�Pre-order at store.moleskine.com


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