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Shell City Car
The city car concept from Shell isA�made of low cost recyclable carbonA�fiber and aims to minimise fuel use.A�Independent tests claim that it usedA�only 2.6 litres of petrol for a 100 kmA�drive. The car also emitted lesserA�CO2 as compared to hybridscat1. Till weA�can all afford electric/solar cars,options like this will be betterA�substitutes to our current gasA�guzzling planet killers. More onA�P 27. shell.com

B&O Beoplay A1
With up to 24 hours of battery, the A1 isA�Bang & Olufsena��s new portableA�speaker that looks and sounds cool. ItA�is splash and dust resistant, takes callsA�and weighs only 600 gms. beoplay.com

cat2Adidas Y3 Backpack
The Y3 sports backpack, designed by YohjiA�Yamamoto and Adidas, comes in a body-fittedA�profile with no extra bulk. It is compatible with aA�hydration system and comes with waterproofA�zips, multiple pockets for keys, cards and lightA�luggage. store.y-3.com




The Squeeze is a waterA�filtration system where you fillA�the pouch with water, screwA�the filter on and then drink.A�Simple. The pouches areA�reusable and BPA free. TheA�filter removes 99.99 per cent ofA�all bacteria and protozoa, andA�also fits the threads of mostA�bottled water. sawyer.com




Pavilion BTA�Speaker
Created by Hult Design Team, theA�Pavilion is a premium BT speaker thataims to provide superior audioA�experience in an aesthetic package.Ships later this year. hultdesign.com




Acer Liquid Zest PlusA�cat4
Coming in with a large 5,000mAh battery, theA�Liquid Zest Plus is a 5.5 inch smartphone fromAcer. Other features include a tri-focus 13MPA�camera, fast charging, 4G and Android 6.0.Available soon. acer.com



XanderAudios Tower
These tower speakers crank out aneerie 30,000 watts of PMPO. They alsohave BT connectivity, USB/SD slot, FMradio and Karaoke with mic. You caneven connect an instrument.



cat7DeWalt Smartphone
DeWalta��s ultra rugged phone has all the resistances in
place (water, drop, temperature) and manages to have
4G, a 13MP camera, 5-inch HD display, wireless
charging and Android lollipop. Therea��s also an
amplified loudspeaker for calls in noisy environments,
like construction sites. Coming soon. dewalt.com



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