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    Dyson Supersonic
    Dyson’s hyper silent hair dryer reduces the risk of heat damage to hair while drying at an ultra fast pace. It also comes with magnetic attachments for smoothing, diffusing and styling. Available September 2016 in two colours. Dyson.com

    north-face-access-packNorth Face Access Pack
    If you’re into gadgets and tech, and like to bring them along wherever you go, the Access Pack might take your fancy. On the outside, it looks like a tortoise shell, but it comes with “ejector tabs” that quick release the compartment you need instantly. The bag is water resistant and can hold a 15” laptop. Thenorthface.com

    Garmin Approach X40 Garmin-ApproachX40
    Garmin’s golf-oriented tracker is slim, light and perfect for golf/fitness enthusiasts. The GPS Golf band measures activity, heart rate and distances to front, back and middle of green. It also measures shot distances and notifies you of calls, texts, etc. Pre-loaded with more than 40,000 golf courses worldwide. Buy.garmin.com

    Libratone_ZippLibratone Zipp
    The Zipp will stream anything for you with 360 degree full room sound. It offers Wi-Fi and BT connectivity along with multiple touch controls. You can also connect several Zipps together for a magnified effect. Amazon.in

    Doppler Labs HereDoppler labs here
    These wireless Earbuds are one-of-a-kind as they actively transform the way you hear your environment. It neither plays nor streams recorded music; instead, it acts as a remote control for your ears and modifies real-world audio to provide an optimal experience every time. For example, you can “suppress” jet engine noise, “boost” the bass at night clubs and “reduce chatter”. Coming soon. Dopplerlabs.com

    philips-speechairPhilips SpeechAir
    The SpeechAir is an Android-based voice recorder, with a touchscreen and camera. Ideal for people in journalism, legal departments and the medical profession. It can transfer recordings via Wi-Fi and BT, the camera can attach photos to the recordings and all audio is 256-bit AES encrypted. Coming soon. Philips.com

    Boomstick Headphone EnhancerBoomstick Headphone Enhancer
    Boomstick utilises advanced audio processing to bring out the best in your headphones, plus extra. Plug it into your device and connect your headphones to the boom, and you can immediately feel massive detail, definition and punch. Features include bass enhancement, soundfield expansion and frequency contouring. Boomcloud.com

    Anker POwerhouse

    Anker Powerhouse
    This particular Powerhouse is capable of powering lamps, phones, laptops, TVs and even mini fridges. It has three output modes, an AC outlet, a 12V car socket and four fast-charging USB ports. With a 400Wh supply, it’s ideal for outdoor trips and during times of power failure. Amazon.com



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