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    Is there a shiny new gadget youai??i??dAi?? like to tell us about?Ai?? Mail gadgetboy@newindianexpress.com

    Netatmo Presence
    This outdoor security camera detects people, cars and animals, and alerts you precisely. It also has a live stream and infra-red night vision. A smart floodlight is also onboard, to be switched on manually or automatically. Video can be stored on an SD card, Dropbox or your personal server. shop.netatmo.com

    Huawei Porsche Design
    Huaweiai??i??s Mate 9 has a Porsche Design version made of brushed aluminium and a truly curved design. Other features include a Leica dual lens camera, 6 GB of RAM and a 5.5 inch 2k hi-res display. There is 256 GB of flash memory built in, along with a 4000mAh battery, fingerprint recognition and Android 7.0. Coming next month. porsche-design.com

    OnePlus Bullets V2
    OnePlus has a new range of its Bullets earphones, called V2. Available in two colours, they offer detailed, clear sound and weigh only two grams. Anti-allergy silicone ear tips come in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit. oneplusstore.in

    Aerix Duet
    The Duet is an all-in-one audio system with an integrated CD player, BT and Wi-Fi compatibility. The cube-shaped device has a circular horn diffuser, a rounded subwoofer and a 4 cm transducer that all come together to produce 360 degree audio. Available early 2017. aerix.co

    V-Moda Forza
    The Forza is made for sport and comes with military spec durability. It features hi-res audio, a three-button Mic + audio assistant, tangle-free cable, sweat/weather resistance and detachable sport fins and ear hooks. v-moda.com/forza

    Xiaomi Redmi 4
    The Redmi 4 has a metal unibody design, with fingerprint recognition, 5-inch 720p display, 2GB Ram, 13mp camera, 4g LTE, 16 GB inbuilt storage andAi?? dual SIM slots. The phone has just launched in China and may come to India later this year. At this price point, you wonai??i??t get too many better phones, specially with the excellent build quality and software integration Xiaomi employs. mi.com/redmi4

    TeslaSolar Roof
    Teslaai??i??s vision for the future gets even brighter with rooftop solar tiles turning sunlight into electricity for using immediately or storing in its Powerwall battery. The tiles come in four distinct styles to complement various homes. The roof is expected to bring down energy costs tremendously and provide clean energy. Coming soon . tesla.com

    Order sinequanon Will.i.am Buttons
    These Buttons from will.i.am are Bluetooth earphones with premium audio and great looks. Inspired by the shape of vinyl records, theyai??i??re great for music, making calls and generally looking fashionable. Available in eight colours with over six hours of battery life. iamplus.com

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