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    Suunto Eon Steel
    Squarely aimed at diving professionals, the Eon Steel is a customisable dive computer that can be wrist worn. The nifty comp logs upto 200 hours of diving data including depth, dive time, temperature, pressure, gas consumption etc. The device also has alarms to alert you and is fully user-modifiable. suunto.com.

    CRKT Exitool
    The Exitool looks bizarre, but delivers during emergencies, with a seat belt cutter, window breaker, LED light and the ability to attach to your seatbelt unobtrusively. crkt.com.

    Swiza knife
    Here’s an alternate utility knife with a softer handle and an ergonomically curved blade. The featured model D03 has 11 functions and is forged from 440 stainless steel, plus it opens easily with both hands. swiza.com.

    Prynt is a smart device that attaches to your iPhone and lets you print out pictures you’ve taken in a matter of seconds. The printed photos  also let you relive the moment (with a video clip) when you hold your phone over them.  Available for specific iPhone models only currently, in three colours.  Prynt.co.

    LG Probeam
    The Probeam provides upto 2000 lumens of brightness to deliver an incredible cinema experience at home. The device delivers full HD video and connects via BT to external speakers/headphones. The Probeam is a great choice for movies, watching live sports events and for streaming your favourite shows. Coming soon. lgnewsroom.com.

    Sony USB C/A
    This dual USB compatible drive has USB Type-C on one end and Type-A on the other. This helps you connect with new smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices while being compatible with regular USB ports as well. Speeds upto 130MB/s and capacity upto 64GB. sony.co.in.

    Hyve Pryme
    Pryme is a smartphone designed in India and features a Deca Core processor. The champagne-coloured phone sports a 4GB  RAM, fingerprint recognition, 13MP rear cam with dual flash, 32GB of inbuilt storage, 3500mAh battery and a 5.7 inch 1080p display. hyve.buzz.

    Blade Runner 2049
    If you’re a fan of the dystopic original, the mere idea of a sequel sounds glorious. Starring Harrison ford and Ryan Gosling, this is set 30 years after the first film and promises to be multi-layered just like the 1982 cult hit. goo.gl/OtXCmD.

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