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    nexusNexus 5
    Googlea��s flagship phone is a cracker with a five-inch full HD display running on Android 4.4 KitKat. The phone also comes with Gorilla Glass 3, an 8MP rear facing cam with OIS. At 8.6 mm thick it weighs 130 gms and runs on LTE and features Bluetooth 4.0. It comes with 2GB of RAM and runs on a Snapdragon 800 processor with Adreno 330 GPU. All this translates to a super fast, feature filled, cutting edge smartphone. Prices start from USD 349 for the 16GB version*. Google.com/nexus
    Nocs-NS-900Nocs NS 900

    The NS 900 took two years to develop and is created from premium materials. The 40mm titanium drivers deliver truly dynamic sound, while the sturdy construction features replaceable parts. USD 250*. Pre-order now on nocs.se

    HuaweiHuawei Ascend W2
    Huaweia��s Windows 8 phone comes in at 4.3 inches with a Snapdragon dual core processor and 8GB of storage. Therea��s a 5MP camera, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS and a choice of colours. Coming late November. Consumer.huawei.com

    PhilipsPhilips Penlight
    Fifteen powerful LEDs provide an intense beam on requirement, in this water proof and sturdy torch. The battery lasts up to six hours and is rechargeable. lighting.philips.co.in

    nookNook Glowlight
    Delivering paper-like reading in darkness and bright sunny environments, the Glowlight is super light and comes with a battery that lasts eight weeks. Barnes & Noble also give access to three million books which can be downloaded via built-in WiFi. 4GB memory up to 2,000 books. USD 119*. barnesandnoble.com

    panasonicPanasonic ES LV65 S
    Panasonica��s wet/dry five-blade shaver sports nanotech blades and comes with a five-minute quick-charge option. It also has an illuminated LED to indicate shave time, battery capacity, etc.
    USD 450*. shop.panasonic.com

    projectProject ARA
    Motorolaa��s Project ARA is a free, open hardware platform which can be used to create modular smartphones. Modules in the form of processors, co-processors, displays, keyboards, batteries, RAM, pedometers and pretty much anything else that comes up in the future, can be added and interchanged. Basically, you get a smartphone which may not become obsolete as you can keep changing its hardware. Looking good! Motorola.com

    runtasticRuntastic Libra Scale
    This scale not only tells your weight, BMI and body water/fat content, but goes one level up to tell you bone mass and muscle mass a�� a factor which we often overlook. It also transfers data wirelessly to a smart device (iOS) via Bluetooth. USD 130*. runtastic.com/libra

    a��Ashok Pandian
    * All prices are approximate and may vary according to dealers


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