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    Model-turned-actor Taaha Shah shares five things about his workout schedule that you would do well to follow

    FLAUNTING a sculpted body, this Abu Dhabi-based modela��s washboard abs have our attention. All ripped and lean in his debut, Luv Ka The End, Taaha Shaha��s shirtless pictures are popular online. After completing Dharma Productiona��s Gippi, the model-turned-actor is currently working on a love story, Barkhaa, where we hope he gets to show off some more brawn. a�?These days you cannot be just a hero, you have to be a superhero. You need to have all the skills, be it dancing or stunts,a�? begins the 27-year-old fitness enthusiast. Here he tells us about his diet, regime and more:

    ?A� a�?Dancing is an effective method of exercisinga��
    Dancing can help you stay fit. I start with a basic Bollywood mix, followed by the C-Walk dance with trainer James. These are very light on your feet and is good exercise. I also try and imitate Michael Jackson and attempt his moonwalk. The workout also includes top rock and power moves, which is like B-boying. It helps you maintain body arm weight.

    ? a�?Ia��m a massive martial arts fana��
    I have learnt Taekwondo and hand-to-hand combat. Gymnastics is one workout that makes your body very flexible. I learn from Nadeem Akhtar who is a professional gymnast in Mumbai. I have just learnt to do a double flip. He has six to seven tricks in his kitty that I am slowly trying to learn. A double flip is difficult to do and Ia��m trying to learn that right now. Fitness is not just about a strong body but also about a strong mind. Constant exercise can help you focus and perform stunts fearlessly. I realised your kicks can improve if you focus on one particular point. My regime generally includes muscle building and cardio.

    ? a�?Ia��m not in the six or eight pack racea��
    Whatever muscles I have are the by products of my dance or gymnastics. One cannot workout outrageously to develop extra muscles. One needs to understand the anatomy of the body to work out. Crossfit is also a good way to deal with injury. I know people who wanted these extra packs, worked out hard and then developed back pain. One should indulge in smart workouts.

    ? a�?Always follow a balanced dieta��
    My diet is very balanced. I dona��t have ice cream, tea, sugar, rice or rotis. My meal includes more veggies. I have five meals a daya��ranging from oats, chicken, eggs, milk, protein shakes, aloe vera and coconut water. If Ia��m to have rice, I go for the brown variety. I do my first workout on an empty stomach. Initially youa��ll feel giddy, but youa��ll get used to it easily. I have my cheat meals when I go home to Dubai. Ia��ve had 10 burgers a day when I was there.

    ? a�?Sports is a good stress bustera��
    Ia��m a football fan. It is my ultimate workout game. Four hours of a sport can help you stay fit, too. When you indulge in a sport and give it your best, it can be relaxing and, at the same time, give you a rush.

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