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Four restaurants sign up for GoA�t de France, with authentic French mealsSeafoodandWhite wineChoucroute

BE IT bouillabaisse or creme brulee, French staples are not hard to find in Pondicherry. But a full-course French meal is. On March 21 however, four restaurants in Pondicherry will serve a multi-course French dinner as part of GoA�t de France (Good France). The festival celebrates French cuisine with simultaneous dinners in over 1,000 restaurants worldwide. The gastronomic French meal is on the UNESCO a�?world intangible cultural heritagea�� list, due its significance as a social tradition. Herea��s what to expect:
? a�?This is an occasion to show people how traditional French dining used to be and how it should be,a�? says Francois Laederich of Mango Hill. The restaurant (0413 2655491) will feature only classic French dishes including a choucroute de la mer (a delectable mA�lange of seafood and vegetables) and aged cheeses on its menu (Rs 1,290)
? While dinners must follow the customary structure of a French meal with seafood, meat, cheese and wine, restaurants are free to incorporate local flavours. Le Boulevard at Hotel Atithi (0413 2345000), will dish upA� Pondicherrian specialties like Crevettes Assadh, a French style prawn curry seasoned with local spices on its menu.( Rs 1,499).
? Apart from signature dishes like roast duck with orange, Satsanga (0413 2225867) has vegetarian options like goat cheese terrine and a Provence-style artichokes stewed in olive oil (Rs 1,250).
?A� La Villa (0413 2338555) is planning a contemporary approach, a�?The techniques are French, but we will be using Indian spices or Italian garnish,a�? says their chef, Ashwin Marius. Their chocolate molleaux will be infused with masala tea and served with spicy custard. (Rs 1,050)

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