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    With the Olympics just A�around the corner, A�we take a look at these talented stars who have a bit of aA�sporting streak

    Bella Hadid
    Riding on horses ever sinceA�she was 3, ita��s no wonder that the 19-year-old beauty is a skilled equestrian. Hadid even had plans to compete in the Rio Olympics later this year. However, she was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and had to give up on her dreams. That does not stop her from holding out hope at getting better and being back astride her horse, Night Cap. a�?You know how every model is like, a�?I do yogaa��. Well, I find horses have the same effect,a�? she was quoted as saying inThe Daily Mail.

    Gwen StefaniA�Hollywood5
    Currently in the news for her
    whirlwind relationship with singer
    Blake Shelton, whom she met on the
    sets of The Voice, Gwen Stefani had plans to be a competitive swimmer while in school, at Anaheim, California. While she has admitted she took up swimming to a�?lose weighta��, she soon found herself liking the sport so much that she became part of her schoola��s swimming squad. However, her musical career took off much before her swimming career could, and the latter eventually took a back seat. And though she has a fixed, five-days-a-week workout regimen, her love for swimming sees her setting aside some time for
    an extra boost of cardio.

    Nina DobrevA�HollywoodNew1
    Best known for her role in the
    drama series, Vampire Diaries,
    and the film adaptation of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Nina Dobrev has been an all round sports star, competing in professional gymnastics, apart from varsity volleyball, soccer, baseball and basketball. The 27-year-old Bulgarian beauty, who will next be seen in the much awaited xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, still turns to gymnastics, basketball and soccer to stay fit.

    Elsa HoskA�Hollywood2
    This 27-year-old Victoriaa��s Secret angel started off her career on a basketball court. After being part of the Swedish womena��s basketball league for about two years, Hosk moved to New York to concentrate on modelling. The leggy blonde believes that basketball is a great way to stay fit and returns to it whenever she can. a�?It just makes you a better model if youa��re athletic, I think. Even holding a pose for a long time, making your body into strange shapes, and just knowing what it looks likea��I think (for me) that comes from being a basketball player,a�? she was quoted
    as saying .

    Kate UptonA�Hollywood3
    The curvy American model who has the
    graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, Vanity
    Fair, Vogue and a host of other magazines, is also a gifted equestrian. The 23-year-old has won five world championships, with her horses Roanie Pony and Zipped, such as the APHA (American Paint Horse Association) Reserve World Championships, back when she was a teenager. a�?My sister and I always had pony parties growing up and we begged our parents to buy us a horse. We took lessons and then we started going into competitions and we got better and better and kept moving to the next level,a�? she told Daily News in an interview. The model is still
    close to her two horses, and continues to
    ride whenever she has the time.

    Compiled by: Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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