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    Delhi-based sports bar sets up shop in the city

    With highly successful outlets in Chandigarh, and Delhi, the sports bar, Underdoggs is now in JP Nagar. And if initial reactions are anything to go by, the place is slowly becoming a popular fixture with the citya��s young crowd. Set across two floors, the dimly lit space houses a good number of pool, foosball and table tennis tables, apart from large screens to broadcast important games. Dark wooden interiors and subdued shades complete the look, lending it a laidback yet chic vibe.
    9.1We got started with an array of quick bites that went well with the accompanying mocktails (with attractive names such as Messi Pineapple and Tropical Phelps). Those with a weakness for wings must give their desi masala version a try. We loved the hint of traditional Indian spices a�� an
    interesting twist on the quintessential American dish. Purists can stick to the classic version, served with garlic Parmesan sauce, which also passed muster. The mini pizzas are quite popular, and we sampled the spicy peri peri pizza, which was a complete winner in our books. A thin crunchy crust is topped with fresh veggies, cheese and peri peri sauce. Worth mentioning is the fact that yjhe crust retained ita��s crispness despite sitting uneaten for over 15 minutes.
    Getting corny
    9.2If youa��re looking for some novelty and excitement, ask for the corn chops. Made of mashed corn kernels and coated with breadcrumbs, patties shaped like popsicles are served on a stick in a shot glass of garlic aioli. A little on the spicy side, ours was fresh and flavourful, and we couldna��t get enough of the thick, creamy aioli, which serves to counteract the heat. Feel like something desi? Dona��t miss the bhatti ka murgh and Underdoggs Chicken Kabaddi. While the former is a dish of succulent chicken chunks marinated in finely ground Indian spices and cooked in a clay oven, the latter features chargrilled slices coated with a tangy marinade. If youa��re cutting back on salt, put in a request, as the dishes could be a tad salty for some.
    For mains, we sampled the vegetarian penne arabiatta, which was quite appetising with its mix of fragrant herbs and tart tomato based sauce. We also dug into the peri peri chicken sizzler, which is served with mashed potatoes on a bed of fresh vegetables a�� great if you like a refreshing zing to your meal. The Schezwan chicken sizzler with fried rice is another innovative inclusion in their menu and we loved the spicy, tangy a�?Indian Chinesea�? fare, which was quite comforting in the middle of a busy Monday. Overall, a fine place to unwind over good food, great conversation, and a friendly game or two.


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