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    Two new consoles means a slew of new video games in 2014

    Final Fantasy XV
    The fifteenth game in the FF series, for Xbox One and PS4, is expected to be one of the biggest games. A huge departure from the original with dark and realistic scenarios, it sees Noctis Lucis Caelum, a prince, protecting the last remaining crystal on Earth.

    Metal Gear Solid V
    Expected in March, MGSolid V: Ground ZeroesA�is set post Peace Walker and is a prequel to The Phantom Pain. It has a day-night cycle based on your mode of travel. You can pick the order of mission without compromising on plot as you play Big Boss (Snake), leader of a new type of military.

    Child of Light
    This role-playing (RP) game centres around Aurora, a girl from 1895, who keeps falling asleep. When she wakes up in the mythical Lemuria, whose sun, moon and stars have been stolen by a Black Queen, she must recover the celestial bodies and reunite with her father. On PlayStation and Xbox.

    Set 700 years in the future, this combines RP and FPS with interesting gameplay involving humans and the a�?Guardians of the Citya�� trying to defend mankind with unknown powers. Apparently, there are live sections which have plots that even the programmers cannot foresee the results of.

    Tom Clancya��s The Division
    Blending solo, co-op and player-vs-player style in a post-disaster futurem, this one is for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The third-person game looks like ita��ll need some method to the madness with lots of tactical decisions.

    The Order
    A PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, takes the Arthurian legend and puts a black-powder era spin on it. Gameplay hasna��t been revealed yet but if the graphics are anything to go by, wea��re in for a real treat.

    – Aakanksha Devi


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