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    Our take on the top three games A�making it to most consoles this year

    Watch Dogs
    In the modern hyper-connected world, Chicago has the nationa��s most advanced computer system and Aiden Pearce, a former criminal looking for revenge, uses it well. He can access criminal records, live feeds and tracking systems through the deadly network. And you get the power of controlling him. Pearce needs to hack through neighbourhoods to catch his targets and complete his missions. A game that tests the players stealth and tactics. We love the graphics used on this one and the range of weapons like handguns, assault rifles, SMGs and shotguns. The game was designed to give the player control and it certainly succeeds. On PS4

    RadioAnchor4Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    A sequel of Splinter Cell Conviction, the main character Sam Fisher returns with more gadgets and agility fighting against members of an organization, THE ENGINEERS, who initiate A�a countdown of terror. The game tests the players instinct on anticipating the enemya��s next move making it an immersive experience, moving well away from just another slash and hack affair.
    We are thrilled by the open world approach in the game which makes it fun to compete with others. This time around, the game allows you to perform missions in different avatars as well. In stealth, as a soldier or in all out lethal mode. Play every level well, as there are world titles to be won and your ranking can be seen by all players. On XBox 360

    Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes
    The newest adventure for former military operative Snake sees him on his usual sneaky mission impossible a�� but with a change of rules and an open world setting. Your mission begins in a dramatic
    fashion on a dark and stormy night at Camp Omega where you need to infiltrate the heavily guarded Cuban army base. It seems easy
    but since this game does away
    with enemy radar tracking, you have to use your eyes to spot them instead.
    After the credits roll, a handful of side missions unlock and the best part of Ground Zeroes begins. You can include weapons at the start of missions that can significantly alter your trajectory during repeat plays. A�On PS4

    a�� Prassanna Prasath and Aakanksha Devi



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