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    Ita��s time to move on from comic books, as A-list actors are now signing up for video game adaptations

    BE IT Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft) or Mark Wahlberg (Max Payne), top-billed actors have never been shy to try their luck in video game adaptations. Although many of them have not struck gold at the box office, the success of Warcraft and The Angry Birds Movie promise to change the trend. Our pick backs the drift. Read on.

    After six films, Jovovicha��s swan song in theA�Resident Evil movie franchise is finally here.A�While the final instalment, Resident Evil: TheA�Final Chapter, is currently being shot in SouthA�Africa, the developers of the game, Campon,A�unveiled the seventh part in the game series,A�Resident Evil 7. In the movie, the Ukranian playsA�the lead role of Alice, who leads a final standA�against the Umbrella Corporation. The actressA�recently tweeted a picture of herself from theA�set, where she dons the make up of an a�?oldA�Alicea�?. We can presume there is some timetravelA�involved, as she says it is a�?not for theA�end of the moviea�?.

    Alicia VikanderA�Alicia-Vikander_bangtidy-net_1861902
    Still fresh from her win at the Oscarsa��for her supporting role in The Danish Girla�� Vikander is now readying herself to get into the togs of Lara Croft, in Roar Uthauga��s reboot of the original franchise. We are well aware of how the role (of the original Croft) changed Angelina Joliea��s career. So to step into her shoes will not be easy. But considering that Vikander (27) has three movies lined up this year, including the new Jason Bourne movie, ita��s fair to sayA�the Swedish star is up to the task.


    Tom HardyA�Tom Hardy
    The ever-dependable Hardy, who has essayed diverse
    roles in his career, will add another feather to his cap when Splinter Cell releases. Like Fassbender, he was roped in four years ago, but the project is yet to get off the block. However, a fresh announcement from Ubisoft, the creator of the game, has confirmed that the 38-year-old is still attached to the project. The English actor will be
    playing the role of Sam Fisher, the protagonist, who is a former CIA agent now involved in black ops.Splinter Cell is the first of a series of seven games.
    Do we see a major franchise in the making?

    Michael Fassbender A�Michael Fassbender
    In 2012, Fassbender was announced as the lead actor in Assassina��s Creed. And going by the trailer that was released last month, we think he has blended in wella��what with the fantastic costume and fancy parkour moves. Playing both Callum Lynch and his ancestor Aguilar, the German-Irish actor is subjected to a technology called the Animus in the film, which unlocks his pasta��where he joins a secret society called the Assassins and fights the Knights Templar. With a cast that also includes Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons, this is one movie that should be on your checklist.

    Jake GylenhaalA�Jake Gyllenhaal (1)
    Ubisofta��s newest adaptation, Tom Clancya��s The Division (based on the open world third-person shooter game that was released this March) is already getting its Hollywood upgrade with Gyllenhaal in the lead role. There are two reasons to get excited: The Division is Ubisofta��s most successful game in a long time and the actor is no stranger to video game movies himself (think Prince of Persia). The 35-year-old is supposedly playing an agent fighting a virus outbreak. Prince of Persia may not have been a success, but Gyllenhaal has evolved, and so has Ubisoft. Will they click this time?

    Yesteryear video games are also being adapted into animation movies. Sonic The Hedgehog will be getting a reboot in 2018, thanks to Sony Pictures and SEGA Sammy Group. Also Sly Cooper, featuring the raccoon thief, will have Ian James Corlett as the lead voice actor.

    a�� Compiled by Karan Pillai


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