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    Ita��s time to move on from comic books, as A-list actorsA�are now signing up forA�video game adaptations

    Milla Jovovich
    After six films, Jovovicha��s swan song in theA�Resident Evil movie franchise is finally here.A�While the final instalment, Resident Evil: TheA�Final Chapter, is currently being shot in SouthA�Africa, the developers of the game, Campon,A�unveiled the seventh part in the game series,A�Resident Evil 7. In the movie, the Ukranian playsA�the lead role of Alice, who leads a final standA�against the Umbrella Corporation. The actressA�recently tweeted a picture of herself from theA�set, where she dons the make up of an a�?oldA�Alicea�?. We can presume there is some timetravelA�involved, as she says it is a�?not for theA�end of the moviea�?.

    JAKE GYLENHAALA�Jake Gyllenhaal (1)
    Ubisofta��s newest adaptation, Tom Clancya��s The DivisionA�(based on the open world third-person shooter gameA�that was released this March) is already getting itsA�Hollywood upgrade with Gyllenhaal in the lead role.A�There are two reasons to get excited: The Division isA�Ubisofta��s most successful game in a long time and theA�actor is no stranger to video game movies himself (thinkA�Prince of Persia). The 35-year-old is supposedly playingA�an agent fighting a virus outbreak. Prince of Persia mayA�not have been a success, but Gyllenhaal has evolved,A�and so has Ubisoft. Will they click this time?

    Alicia-Vikander_bangtidy-net_1861902Alicia Vikander
    Still fresh from her win at the Oscarsa��forA�her supporting role in The Danish Girla��A�Vikander is now readying herself to get intoA�the togs of Lara Croft, in Roar Uthauga��sA�reboot of the original franchise. We areA�well aware of how the role (of the originalA�Croft) changed Angelina Joliea��s career. SoA�to step into her shoes will not be easy. ButA�considering that Vikander (27) has threeA�movies lined up this year, including theA�new Jason Bourne movie, ita��s fair to sayA�the Swedish star is up to the task.

    Tom HardyA�A�Tom Hardy
    The ever-dependable Hardy, who has essayed diverseA�roles in his career, will add another feather to his cap when
    Splinter Cell releases. Like Fassbender, he was roped inA�four years ago, but the project is yet to get off the block.A�However, a fresh announcement from Ubisoft, the creatorA�of the game, has confirmed that the 38-year-old isA�still attached to the project. The English actor will beA�playing the role of Sam Fisher, the protagonist, who is aA�former CIA agent now involved in black ops.A�Splinter Cell is the first of a series of seven games.
    Do we see a major franchise in the making?

    Michael FassbenderMichael Fassbender

    In 2012, Fassbender was announced as the lead actor inA�Assassina��s Creed. And going by the trailer that was
    released last month, we think he has blended in wella��A�what with the fantastic costume and fancy parkourA�moves. Playing both Callum Lynch and his ancestorA�Aguilar, the German-Irish actor is subjected to a technologyA�called the Animus in the film, which unlocks hisA�pasta��where he joins a secret society called theA�Assassins and fights the Knights Templar. With a castA�that also includes Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons,this is one movie that should be on your checklist.


    YesteryearA�video games areA�also being adapted intoA�animation movies. Sonic TheA�Hedgehog will be getting aA�reboot in 2018, thanks to SonyA�Pictures and SEGA Sammy Group.A�Also Sly Cooper, featuring theA�raccoon thief, will have IanA�James Corlett as the leadA�voice actor.

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