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    Puja Singh Nadhania��s Quench offers comfortable silhouettes in natural fabric.

    For Puja Singh Nadhani, the creative tour de force behind a�?Quencha��, fashion is something that a�?exudes seductive style without tryinga��. The Kolkata-born designer says, a�?India has a lot of options for to wedding fashion. But when it comes to comfortable clothing for the woman who wants to wear western or other Asian silhouettes with no embroidery to subtle surface ornamentation, we still look to brands outside India. I wish to change that.a�?
    The 31-year-old prefers working with traditional and natural fabrics such as cottons, khadi, linens and silks. a�?The Quench woman is someone who chooses fashion to accentuate and portray what she has a�� and not to hide,a�? she adds. In less than a year since its launch, Quench can be found in stores across the country. Now available in the city at Amethyst and Evoluzione, expect to see her debut collections a�?Grey Mattera�� (Winter 2015) and a�?Abandoned Gardena�� (Summer 2016) featuring striking prints and versatile silhouettes. We loved the distinctive pirate print pants, the polka-dot printed skirt with net and ikat detailing, the sleek crop tops with sequins, and the stunning floor-length dresses with faces print from Grey Matter. The summer line showcases vibrant prints and happy hues on dresses, tops and skirts.
    The postgraduate in Fashion Design (Wigan and Leigh College) who has worked as an assistant costume designer on films such as Raavan, Guzaarish and No One Killed Jessica, has also worked with Sabyasachi Mukherjee for over three years and credits the celebrated couturier for teaching her about a�?…cuts, honing my sense of design and love of materials.a�?
    Rs 6,000 onwards. Details: lovequench.com

    a��Shibi Kumaramangalam


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