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    From tiny trees to furniture and fences a�� therea��s plenty to add to a miniature garden, says Bangalore-based Gargi Bhuyan

    Growing up in the lush green tea plantations of Assam, Gargi Bhuyan, a software professional,A� relocated to Bangalore and found a way to incorporate some of that missing greenery in her apartment. She started with a balcony garden. Blessed with a green thumb, her plants thrived happily enoughA� attracting enough attention and appreciation that she was encouraged to start a blog, sharing tips and information on small gardens meant for the urban dweller. Then she wasA� inspired to downsize even further, creating tiny landscapes that could even fit into a five-inch tea cup a�� gardens that could be pruned with hand scissors and raked with a kitchen fork. a�?Theya��re inexpensive, can be created in a few hours, are accessible for all ages, and appeal to seniors who have had to give up their gardens … theya��re so doable,a�? she beams.

    Getting creative
    Bhuyan adds pathways, patios, swimming pools, bird houses, picket fences, itty-bitty furniture and layered plantings a�� from ground covers to the tiniest of trees. a�?The trick is to use plants that not only start out small but grow very, very slowly. I customise each one to suit my clientsa�� taste and lifestyle,a�? says Bhuyan, who does not restrict her customers to Bangalore alone. a�?I will not be able to create a garden for you if youa��re based outside Bangalore. But I am open to consulting,a�? she says, adding that with a few instructions, you can create a garden of your own. But even in her magical world of miniature gardens, Bhuyan is a realist. She likes to set a scene and create a garden that shea��d love to be in herself. Now, if only she could get her hands on Alicea��s shrinking potion. Prices start at Rs. 500. Details: gargi@gardenfairy.in

    A�-Jackie Pinto


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