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    Actions speak louder
    A deaf man unwittingly becomes part of Samsunga��s latest campaign a�� a video call centre for the hearing impaired. Muharren, in Istanbul, is greeted by people in the sign language, but passes it off as coincidence until he goes to the city centre and people are still talking in signs. When it is revealed it was a stunt, he gets emotional. More so when he learns that all the people in the campaign volunteered. Promoting a�?A world without barriers is our dreama��, it has already garnered five million hits.
    Modern cubism
    If you think you are quick and claim to have a photographic memory, Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk will change that. The 36-year-old Polish mnemonist, a member of the World Cube Association, can not only solve Rubica��s cube, but can solve 41 in an hour. 3x3x3 Blindfold shows him set a World Record after solving the puzzle in 21.17 seconds. What is fantastic is he does it blindfolded and the time includes him initially looking at the unsolved puzzle, storing it in his photographic memory then tackling it.
    Rotten apple
    Apple, launched their first watch and at a whopping $10,000, people are wondering why it is more expensive than an average Rolex. YouTube channel, College Humor finds out exactly why in a hilarious parody. In typical Apple style, it features a voice-over meant to be head designer, Jony Ivesa��, starting by saying, a�?Ita��s most ground-breaking feature is it allows you to communicate with unrivalled accuracy that you have $10,000.a�? Watch for more Apple bashing.
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