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Guitarist Aditya Balani brings a mix of jazz and rock to Hummingtree

As part of cinematic world jazz ensemble, Aditya Balani Group, Aditya Balani has performed across the globe from Israel to the US, Serbia, Spain and even Chile, apart from festivals such as NH 7 Weekender, Delhi International Arts Festival and Jazz Utsav. This weekend, he takes the stage at the Humming Tree to give the city a taste of his brand new EP, Constants and Variables.
A departure from his signature jazz sound, this one is an alternative rock album with hints of pop and electronica. a�?I write quite regularly and over the years in addition to the music Ia��ve released, there is a lot of additional material that doesna��t fit in the jazz or fusion genre,a�? shares the guitarist, whose debut album, Answers was released in 2013. a�?The instrumentation is primarily guitar, vocals, keyboards, drums and a healthy dose of electronic elements thrown into the mix. While writing songs for this EP, I was exploring some uncharted territory and I did have to battle with mental doubts,a�? he adds.
The Bengaluru gig, he tells us, will see a few numbers from Constants and Variables, some new and unreleased pieces hea��s been working on and some old material, which hea��s quite eager to share. Talking about shifting between jazz and rock, he says, a�?Since I really like and listen to both styles of music, it isna��t that big a deal. Also therea��s a difference in terms of audience and the type of venue. For jazz, ita��s ideal to have smaller, more intimate spaces or sit-down theatres whereas for rock it could be bigger clubs as well. So performing in these venues is a very different experience and I like having a broader spectrum to express myself.a�?
While he is currently busy promoting his EP, November will see him performing alongside Welsh band, Burum. This will be followed by a bigger collaboration under the name, Khamira featuring more Indian musicians and members of Burum with shows across India.

Entry free. Sunday, 11 pm. At 12th Main, Indiranagar. Details: 9886618386

a�� Rashmi Rajagopal


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