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Designer Anand Prakash gives a new spin to architectural blueprints by using them in home accessories

Patterns like flowers, birds and block prints on home accessories is old news. With the launch of the quirky Blueprint collection, Anand Prakash, the handicrafts designer who started a label and an e-store under his name 10 years ago, has taken a�?printinga�� to a whole new level. This time, he has used authentic blueprints on wooden home accessories like coasters and trays. Known for his gold-plated bookmarks and stationery, Prakash collected these blueprints from old architectural firms across India. a�?I chanced upon an old blueprint of a landscape at a frienda��s office and was immediately hooked. I did some research on the process involved in it and decided to incorporate it in our daily lives,a�? shares the self-taught designer, explaining that the new collection includes blueprints on serving trays, coasters, handmade journals and pencils, along with matching brass accessories like bookmarks, paper weights and scales.A� Prakash has also us-ed metal borders and stripes to accentuate the blueprints.

Explaining the process, the Delhi-based designer says, a�?I copy the drawing on to a translucent paper, which is then exposed to two chemical compounds, kept under light radiation and then washed with water. This creates a negative image with the drawing appearing in white against a dark blue background and makes the paper stronger.a�? With a new collection on the birds of India coming up, delivery is available across the globe.

Delivery in six days. Priced from `890 for coasters to `4,990 for a gift set, which includes a journal, pencils, a gold-plated scale and a compass bookmark. Details: anandprakash.in

a��Aishwarya Kumar