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    Biergarten lives up to its promise of impressive concoctions and a continental spread

    Another new brewery joins the long list of established names in the city. While most claim that theyai??i??ve mastered the skill, much like the native Germans, only a select few seem to get it right. So trying out the newest brewery (that makes a statement with a legit German name) meant we had to do our homework and find a hard-core, seasoned beer guzzler to accompany us!
    It takes effort in industrial proportions to reach the place. But once in, the open green space helps you lighten up.
    Minimalism is the key here. Long green tables with complementing silver-grey benches emulate an actual biergarten. The colour scheme and bare interiors give the space a calming vibe.

    On offer
    We began with the Wheat Lager paired with Onion Rings, and the Adams Green Apple mocktail. The Wheat Lager got full marks from our beer expert. Full-flavoured and full-bodied, this is a must for beer loyalists. Unlike in other pubs where onion rings are almost an afterthought, Biergarten gives the appetiser its due. Crisp and fried just right, they are worth every bite. Adams Green Apple ai??i?? a mix of vanilla ice cream, apple juice and green apple syrup is a creamy concoction, ideal for sultry afternoons. We moved on to the main course quite quickly after trying the Bacon Wrapped Prawns and Yakitori Skewers ai??i?? a combination of shiitake mushrooms and tofu. Nothing much to wax eloquent here, except that you need an acquired taste to try the pungent Yakitori sauce.
    A predominantly continental menu, with a good mix of burgers, pizzas, pastas, soups, salads and lasagne, thereai??i??s a lot to choose from. We opted for the Spinach & Goats Cheese Pizza, and the all-time favourite ai??i?? Beer Batter Fish and Chips, which was accompanied with a Light Lager.
    The pizza, a thin crust topped with the perfect combination of ingredients ai??i?? caramalised onions,
    sauteed spinach, garnished with goats cheese and sundried tomatoes, was our best pick. The fish and chips ai??i?? a classic pairing ai??i?? impressed us too. Again, the beer ticked all the boxes ai??i?? crisp, light and highly
    recommended for rookie beer drinkers.

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    The Orange and Cinnamon Sangria, and the Get Fresh cocktail (vodka, watermelon, kaffir lime, lime juice and sugar syrup) deserve a special mention, because these drinks exhibit how critical good bartending is.
    And finally, a dessert that was an equal match to our Dark Lager. The Warm Date & Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream is as sinful as it can get, and countering this overdose of sweetness is the Dark Lager, bitter and with a strong caffeine flavour. Overall, it scores high on the cityai??i??s ai???best breweryai??i?? list, with food to match.

    `2000++ for two. At Whitefield. Details: 49652776.

    ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum


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