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    Blending two distinct genres comes naturally to the world music group, Roots & Shoots

    When Mumbai-based sitar player, Hindol Deb, and German double bass player, Sebastian Gramms, met in Germany in 2013, little did they know it would lead to a blending of two distinct genresa��Indian classical and German contemporary music. They recently started Roots and Shoots, an Indo-German collaboration that includes flautist Paras Nath and tabla player Amit Mishra, and trombone player Matthias Muche and percussionist Erwin Ditzner from Germany. The six men will make their Chennai debut on November 18. a�?What we were listening to in terms of fusion music till now was Indian classical either fused with jazz or with rock music. So we decided to create something unique. The result was Roots and Shoots and it is as experimental as it can get,a�? says Deb, who started learning the sitar at five. He adds that their music is a result of free-flowing improvisation and cannot be classified into one genre. With collaborations like this, an album is generally not far away. Gramms (49) says the group is planning to record one next month and release it in Germany in 2016. a�?It will be recorded at Cologne, during the German leg of our concert tour,a�? he says, adding, a�?The kind of music we are making is very new to the Indian audience. But Germany currently has a huge following for it. By releasing it there, we also plan to head to the various music festivals,a�? adds the 34 year old.
    At Museum Theatre, on November 18, 7.30 pm onwards. Details: 28331314

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