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    This new beer pub in the city lets you chill, play, or simply eat and guzzle

    Beer and music lovers rejoice, Bengaluru just added another watering hole to its landscape. Beer CafA�a��s Biggie opened its doors in Koramangala recently, with all the makings of a neighborhood hangout.
    All about size
    Biggie focuses on all things big! A large space spread across two floors with even outdoor seating, choose to go the table-and-chair way, or settle down on bar stools, lounge about with your beer on the sofas and Old Rasputin stamped settees, or simply stand around the stage with your drink. The bar offers a collection of around 30 beers, of which two are on tap and the others bottled. The focus is on lager, with crowd pleasers such as Pilsners, ales, stout and bock making guest appearances.
    More than nibbles
    Biggiea��s beer cocktails are interesting. The beer rita is a mix of Triple Sec, tequila and lime, and serves as a lesson in alcohol subtlety. Think tequila shot with a chaser of cold beer, but all in one mug! Every sip moves from beer to tequila smoothly with the lime binding it all. The sweet pepper is Biggiea��s popular drink that marries muddled strawberry and grape with black pepper and beer. Berry drink lovers, who love a touch of spice, this should be your fizzy beer order. Crazy nuts bring together the unlikely combination of hazelnut and raspberry with beer, with a mildly Amaretto-like taste that goes down well with their finger foods.
    Biggiea��s food menu does not beg you to eat, drink and scoot. Getting through its a�?beer bitesa�� section alone will require more than one visit. The classic beer batter onion rings sets the right tone with its almost-tempura effect. For those who love their beer food to be spicy, dona��t miss the chicken wings in a signature spicy chipotle sauce. Generously portioned for a small plate, this loaf baking tin of wings packs in a spicy wallop, but in a way that makes you sit back and smack your lips, considering another round.
    Canteen favourites like Maggi are on the menu too. A bowl of steaming spiced chicken sausage Maggi comes with a generous dusting of an upgraded, peri peri version of the tastemaker.
    The food menu has enough and more for vegetarians and those who like to go all the way. A mix of Indian and international pub grub with everything from peanut masala to fish fingers to pastas, grills, pizzas and salads find a mention. The free Wi-Fi is a plus point.
    Being a new place, however, service can be sketchy with tables being forgotten about, orders coming in few and far in between and a a�?busy nighta�? being a not-so-appreciated excuse for tardiness. The space has immense potential, and one can only hope their service team does the place justice.
    `2,500++ (meal for two). At Koramangala. Details: 41252456
    a�� Ruth Dsouza Prabhu


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