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    Tennis, protein and saying no to whitea��some of the citya��s most wanted talk big sacrifices and fitness strategies for New Yeara��s Eve

    Ita��s the season to be jolly… well, almost. As the clock counts down to the holiday seasona��and its share of partiesa��it is time to start thinking about how you are going to slip into that LBD or rock those skin tight trousers. Instead of checking in with gyms and boot camps, we thought wea��d ask city favourites about quick fixes and healthy makeovers. From tweaking diets to some freestyle exercising, here are their tips:
    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar

    Mathivanan 2Mathivanan Rajendran,
    Stray Factory
    Theatre means, you are working out anyway, so I am reasonably in good shape. However, at the end of the year, I am heading to Bali for my 30th birthday and Ia��d like to look fit when I take my shirt off at the beach. Ia��m vegan, so I dona��t need any major diet changes. But to go that extra mile, I have taken up some body weight classes with a personal trainer from Combat Kinetics. I also do surya namaskars. I will go into overdrive in the next few weeks.


    Sriya Reddy -  pic Sunder RSriya Reddy,
    Fitness runs in my blood. Like today, I woke up at 5 am and did a 5 km run at the beacha��ita��s more like sports training and Ia��ve been doing it for the past six months. I try to be a vegetarian as much as I can, but I do eat boiled egg whites and grilled chicken or fish. In fact, between breakfast and lunch I eat six boiled egg whites. At least 80 per cent of my diet is packed with proteins. For fat, I have avocados and almonds. And for carbohydrates, I have a slice of multi-grain bread or a chapatti. Ahead of a big event, I will cut out the sugar for a week or so. I also go gluten free and stay away from dairy.

    IshikaIshika Sachdev,
    founder, thebeautyreel.com
    Ia��m currenly attending a frienda��s wedding and next week, Ia��m travelling. So keeping a strict watch on my diet and exercise has been difficult. What Ia��m doing however, is drinking plenty of hot water. This helps get rid of puffiness and bloating, and helps with digestion. Ia��ve also cut out sugar and all dairy products. This really works for me. I also dona��t eat carbs after 6 pm. Once I get back, I will start my day with hot water and lemon (a great way to kick-start your metabolism) and also cut out certain foodsa��like toor dal and broccolia��as they cause bloating.

    Tina MalhotraTina Malhotra, Evoluzione
    My routine doesna��t change just for this period because to me fitness is not a short term goal. My diet is primarily focussed on lots of salads, vegetables and seafood. And I keep the salt and sugar intake to a minimum. I also try and squeeze in an
    EFX session for at least 45 minutes a day.

    Joshna Chinappa, squash player
    Though I am very particular about my training, when Ia��m travelling (shea��s currently in Canada for a tournament) I cana��t train much and my form drops a little. So ahead of a big match or event, I am more particular about gymming. According to me, lifting weights is the best way to tone up. I also watch my diet a little bit morea��cut out the junk and the sugara��and be more conscious about what I am putting into my mouth.

    Karthik Kumar 4Karthik Kumar,
    Going to the gym is a very cosmetic thing, though I do it thrice a week. However, for the last six months I have been obsessed with tennis. Ita��s a real workout and you dona��t even notice you are working out strenuously. For a film or an important event, I do what I need to, to get fit quick. I dona��t eat carbs after 4 pm and I cut out the sugar completely. I also dona��t eat anything too salty (read, stay away from those pickles and chips) because sugar and salt cause a lot of water retention.

    Vimmi Deepak,
    I dona��t plan to do anything drastic; but Ia��ll probably go off carbs. Therea��s no place for anything white, like sugar or flour, in my dieta��I eat complex carbs, grilled meat or fish and lots of vegetables. I am also trying to do more cardio, so the weight comes off easily, along with some weight training. I also swim or run twice a week. Ia��d suggest people cut back on the alcohol, too.

    Paloma 1Paloma Rao, RJ
    Ia��m one of those people nobody likesa��Ia��ve been skinny, I am skinny and hopefully I will stay skinny. So I dona��t really need to do too much to stay in shape, though my sister Rochelle sometimes tries to get me to follow one her quick three-day diets of just chicken or tomatoes. She did, however, inspire me to take up pilates recently. Shea��s been doing it and shea��s more ripped than she has ever been. I am doing pilates with a friend of mine, Anoushka Kurien. That should tone me up.

    Omar Sait,
    director, Gatsby Collection
    Ia��m someone who works out not to lose weight, but so I can eat more. Since Ia��ve been sampling pizzas all day long recently (for a new menu at Tryst Cafe), I plan to cut down on my carbs and increase my protein intake. Ia��ve also added a little more cardio to my workouts in the morning. But the best thing is to play a team sport you love, like soccer or tennis, where you have someone else to motivate you.


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