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    Physical theatreA�is the subtle art of creating poetry via gestures. This act of placing theA�human body at the centre of the storytelling process forms the crux for Leo,A�a mind-bending, solo physical theatreA�performance. The story revolves around a man whoa��s stuck in a small rooma��where gravity is altered causing him to persist at a 90 degree anglea��is trying to escape. This hour-longA�piece,which debuted atA�Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011 and won theA�Carol Tambor award,isA�directed byA�Daniel Briere (of The Parent Family fame) and is bought to life by, Julian Schulz,A�an experienced circus performer from Germany. a�?Created by Montreal-based Y2D Productions in association with the Berlin-basedA�ChamaleonA�Productions, the playA�is executed by showing the audience a live video projection of the performance, via a camera thata��s tipped by 90 degrees,a�? shares 28-year-old Schulz. After their debut Indian performance, the troupe is taking the play to China and the USA.

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