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    Physical theatre is the subtle art of creating poetry via gestures. This act of placing the human body at the centre of the storytelling process forms the crux for Leo, a mind-bending, solo physical theatre performance. The story revolves around a man who’s stuck in a small room—where gravity is altered causing him to persist at a 90 degree angle—is trying to escape. This hour-long piece,which debuted at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011 and won the Carol Tambor award,is directed by Daniel Briere (of The Parent Family fame) and is bought to life by, Julian Schulz, an experienced circus performer from Germany. “Created by Montreal-based Y2D Productions in association with the Berlin-based Chamaleon Productions, the play is executed by showing the audience a live video projection of the performance, via a camera that’s tipped by 90 degrees,” shares 28-year-old Schulz. After their debut Indian performance, the troupe is taking the play to China and the USA.

    —Anoop Menon


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