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    (Clockwise from top) At the Sakshi Show, and (below) Fight night at the Taj Club House.

    The wedding season might be upon us, but this week has been a strange combination of events. In between mehendis and sangeets, we found ourselves attending strangely themed parties, launches and, herea��s something I never thought Ia��d say, boxing matches. Essentials by Toni & Guy marked their launch with a Fight Night at The Taj Club House, making it a night we wona��t soon forget. My mind was filled with images of boxing rings, people throwing punches and a crowd wildly cheering them on, but I was pretty sure I was being over-imaginative.

    With the tagline being a�?fashion, combat and funa��, we were all more than a little curious. Turns out, the event was exactly how I had pictured it. The big twist, of course, being the people facing off in the ring were doctors, singers, DJs and a host of other people we normally party with. It was quite surreal to see our usually cheerful friends wearing determined expressions, waiting their turns. While ita��s one thing to say ita��s a�?all in good funa��, ita��s quite another to see people get serious in the ring.

    This was also one of those rare occasions where there was an open bar but the audience remained firmly in their seats. Safe to say, by the end of the evening everyone was pretty pumped up, and hopefully inspired to take that extra step towards fitness. Thanks to Combat Kinetics, ita��s certainly never looked more interesting.

    Over the weekend, we got to take things easy and enjoy a bit of contemporary art at The Park with The Sakshi Show. The special showcase marked the return of Sakshi Gallery to its roots in Chennai, and included paintings, sculptures, installations and digital art. And it wasna��t just works by celebrated artists like MF Husain, Jamini Roy and Ram Kumar but canvases by several contemporary artists that got a lot of attention.

    We saw an interesting mix of people, many of whom have been patrons of the gallery for more than 20 years. After a bit of art appreciation, we got to celebrate the joint birthday of a�?TK and Lakkua�� as theya��re fondly known. This year, they had friends over for a fun get together complete with a fabulous home cooked spread. Our hosts made sure we were well taken care of and it was nice to be able to catch up with everyone amidst the seasona��s madness.

    a�� Paloma RaoA�(paloma@newindianexpress.com)


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