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    Make time for a dance class or two and get prepared with some cool moves on the floor

    LETai??i??S face it ai??i?? if you can dance, you can rock the party.
    If you really wish to have all eyes on you at this yearai??i??s Xai??i??mas and New Year parties, be it alone or with your partner, thereai??i??s no harm in investing in some dance classes this season. And if you are a beginner, what better excuse to learn a skill that impresses one and all. So put on your dancing shoes and make a lasting impression.

    Capoeira capersmartin-steixner1
    Pick up some moves from this 500-year old martial art, and rest assured, you will be the centre of attention. It was developed by slaves in Brazil to escape from their masters, practising it in the guise of dancing. It has since expanded to other parts of the world, seeping into the underground arena, hip-hop scenes and street art. Here in the South, Ginga Saroba is one of the most famous capoeira groups, that was founded by Samuka Da India, an Auroville-based Capoeira Professor (the highest honour for a trainer in India).
    It regularly offers classes in Auroville, and also designs capoeira music instruments (berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque, agogA?, and reco-reco). Registration from Rs 180 per class. Details: ginga-saroba.com

    Cha cha bachata
    If you want to experience some African flavour by learning kizomba or learn some Caribbean moves of bachata, Arun Srinivasan of Salsa Madras is the person to go to. One of the top dance trainers in the country, he is usually recognised for his prowess in salsa (he is an Asia Salsa Champion). But here, we look at his other skills, mainly in bachata. And itai??i??s not just Chennai or India that is privy to his training ai??i?? he recently conducted a bachata bootcamp in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Bachata, like similar other dance forms, improves the hand-eye coordination, and sync your body in tune with music. Registration from Rs 2,500 onwards for a regular session.
    Details: salsamadras.com

    Zeal for zumbasalsa-madras-arun-2
    Agilan Ayyanar has been a zumba instructor since August 2015, having taught both adults and kids. Conceptualised by the Columbian dancer and choreographer, Alberto Perez, zumba incorporates elements from different dance forms, such as salsa and hip-hop, and is mostly aerobatic in nature. Agilanai??i??s classes for adults are perfect alternatives for a cardio workout, and improve oneai??i??s muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. As for the kids, he brings in the fun element, whilst trying to teach some basic soft skills like team-work and coordination. 7.30 am onwards. Details:
    ledebutfitnessstudio.com; zumba.com

    Trager happy
    Revive your connection with your soul by employing
    practices like 5Rythmen and Trager ai??i?? the focus of an upcoming workshop in Auroville, conducted by Martin Steixner and Romana Tripolt of Austrian
    fitness company, Soulrythms. 5Rythmen is nothing but a form of dance that requires one to move according to a specific pattern based on a
    preset circular table of different movements.
    It was conceptualised by Gabrielle Roth, who mentored Romana. Martin, on the other hand, is specialised in Trager, a free form of dance that is usually done outdoors and is preceded by a meditation session.
    At Unity Pavilion and Pavilion of Tibetan Culture. December 29 to January 2. Registrations from Rs 12,000 per head. Details: soulrhythms.seminarorganisation.info

    Hand-in-hand Order albenza
    The brainchild of Cuban salsa instructor, Kash Kelsang Dolma, La Casita was launched in 2014, and is now a community learning centre that also conducts cultural activities. The beginners salsa course introduces the basics of casino (cuban salsa) and teaches moves like guapea, dile que no, abajo, enchufla, and others. The next level of beginner classes include other moves like candado and hermana. Details: lacasitaindia.com


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