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Japanese streets, mythology or cat love? Find a colouring book that suits your needs with our pick of the seasona��s latest.

WEa��VE looked at how adult colouring books are gaining traction. And how millions of adults are picking them up for both artistic and therapeutic purposes a��Saras Bhaskar, a counselling psychologist, tells us studies show a�?it can de-stress people experiencing anxiety and paina�?. With bookshelves across the world being dedicated to this genre, we highlight the seasona��s most wanted. Begin with popular experiments based on books and TV shows like Harry Potter a�� Magical Creatures (Rs 599, flipkart.com), Game of Thrones (Rs 1,215, amazon.in) and BBCa��s Doctor Who a�� Travels in Time (Rs 856, flipkart.com). Or try the quirky route with Sasha Oa��Haraa��s popular Calm the F*ck Down (Rs 694, amazon.in). Travel-themed books are picking up, too, like Travel Between the Lines, based on actual travel photographs (Rs 1,148, amazon.in). And if you are getting addicted (we are!) try the nine titles here that can make your lunch break more pleasurable.

The 1000 Dot-to-DotA� Book a�� CityscapesA�Cityscapes
Author Thomas Pavittea��s book is a triple treat. First, you get to join the dots to reveal 20 detailed drawings depicting some of the most beautiful cities in the world (each consisting no fewer than one thousand dots). Then you can fill in all the pictures with the colours of your choice, and finally, you can remove each sheet to frame it, creating your own piece of artwork. Rs 750, at Starmark, Express Avenue. Details: 64550262

Querkles MasterpiecesA�Querkle
If you fancy colouring by numbers, youa��ll like this one. Another Thomas Pavitte creation, Querkles: The Puzzling Colouring Book has images made up of multiple circles, each forming pictures of iconic facesa��from Mona Lisa to Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley. We suggest you use colouring pens for brighter pictures. And yes, you can frame these, too. Rs 750, at Starmark, Phoenix MarketCity. Details: 30083560

Outside The Lines, TooA�Outside the Lines
In 2013, Los Angeles-based art enthusiast, Souris Hong, curated Outside the Lines: An Artistsa�� Coloring Book for Giant Imaginationsa��a compilation of illustrations and drawings by contemporary artists, animators, graphic artists and even street artists. Now, part two brings together works by over 100 names, including Rainer Judd, Timothy Tompkins and Richard Colman. The book includes a cut-out elephant design by architects-designers Charles and Ray Eames that you can use to make your own pachyderm. Rs 899. Details: amazon.in

Colour Me DrunkA�Colour me drunk
When it comes to Saturday night drinking games, here’s one that will add some colour to your evening. This 128-pager from Potter Style has fun pictures to colour ina��from beer and wine bottles to regrettable tattoosa��and some equally wry humour. Rs 599. Details: penguinrandomhouse.com

The Sita Colouring BookA�Sita
Devdutt Pattanaik, author of 25 books, has teamed up with Penguin Random House to bring out two colouring books, The Jaya Colouring Book and The Sita Colouring Book. The former is based on the story of Mahabharata, while the latter is based on Ramayana. With intricate renditions including Krishna narrating the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, the burning of Lanka and Sitaa��s trial by fire, these books take you on a jpurney of stories and colour. Rs 399. Details: amazon.in

Stress Relieving CatsA�Cats
Whata��s better than watching cat videos on loop on YouTube? Colouring cats. There is a large collection of Stress Relieving Cats adult colouring book out there, and we particularly like Cats by Mesdemoiselles. From smelly cat and sleepy cat to the smart aleck alley cat, therea��s a feline in here for everyone and over 30 detailed pictures. Rs 599, at Starmark, Express Avenue. Details: 64550262

Bagh-e-Bahar a�� A Mughal GardenA�Bagh e Bahar
Brand Good Earth has a rich design archive, which wea��ve seen reflected on their home linen and tableware. So it isna��t surprising that they dipped into this reservoir to come up with an elegant adult colouring book. With imperial palaces and gardens of fruits and flowers, they call it a book of discovery. And we quite agree. Rs 899, at Good Earth. Details: 43087878

Scandinavian Folk PattersA�Scandinavian
Rich with pictures of reindeer and owls, landscapes and cuckoo clocks, this book of designs draws from Scandinavian folk art. You can use pencils, crayons or pens to fill in the patterns, while picking up motifs that are mostly inspired by nature and traditional stories. Rs 650, at Starmark, Phoenix MarketCity. Details: 30083560

Secret JapanA�Secret Japan
Great for travel enthusiasts, this little book captures the essence of Japana��from its colourful kimonos and lanterns to the intricate fans, face masks and platters of sushi. To make it more fun, each page in this book by Zoe de Las Cases is a detachable postcard that you either mail someone or frame for your home. Rs 399, at Starmark, Phoenix MarketCity. Details: 30083560

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