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    Ankit Anubhav

    With a new divorce package, Ankit Anubhav’s agony aunts continue to take the heartache out of breakups

    WHEN Bangalore-based Ankit Anubhav, 26, launched his breakuphelpline.com last year, he was motivated by personal experience a�� he was going through the motions of surviving a failed relationship.

    What they do

    Through the blog-turned-website, Anubhav and his team of experts offer assistance to people of all ages a�� their youngest being a 10-year-old who didna��t understand why the boy sitting in front of her in class wouldna��t talk to her and the oldest, 70, a man who missed his children and was lonely. They believe it takes 21 days to get over someone, based on a survey. They ensure that you have a smooth transition through the five stages of a breakup a�� denial, anger, negotiation, guilt and acceptance. These agony aunts listen to you grumble, whine and cry 24/7 through tailor-made packages, all enabled through technology a�� Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp a�� to get over it.

    Package deal

    Through their network, they can contact you no matter where you are in India and will even visit you for a coffee, if you choose. Tequila shot for Rs 500 is their starting package, whileA� Grand Latte for Rs 5,000 is a four-week package that includes constant communication, exercises to get over the past, testing your dateability quotient, grooming if required and so on. And The Divorce Blues package at Rs 10,000 encourages talk about court dates, custody, alimony, and explores the possibility of a reconciliation or out-of-court settlement. Doctor House for Rs 1,000 sees a certified gynaecologist (they also have a professional psychotherapist on their team) available round the clock to respond to panic calls regarding popping pills or advice on delayed periods, etc. Addressing the breakup issue is all about timely intervention, a friendly ear and some honest advice, Anubhav concludes.

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