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    JobsForHer gives opportunities to A�women on a A�career break


    During her first pregnancy, Neha Bagaria continued to work for up to nine months at her husbanda��s pharmaceutical manufacturing firm in Bengaluru, handling finances. She remembers telling the staffers not to clean her desk, as shea��d be back in 40 days. Those 40 days turned into three-and-a-half years. The Wharton Business School graduate, who is now a mother of two boys, says, a�?Motherhood is physically and emotionally challenging. But intellectually? Not really. I remember being so frustrated about it. To be a happy mom I had to be a happy person first, and for that, I had to get back to work. Ia��m glad I could do that.a�?
    But not many women find it easy to return from their career-breaks, with causes ranging from marriage, relocation to a new city with their spouse and pregnancy to health issues and taking care of ailing family members. Learning from first hand experience, Bagaria is trying to help women restart their careers with her online portal, JobsForHer. Relaunched this week, to cater to cities and towns across India, and not just metros, the website has a few new features.
    The platform connects women on a career-break (single or married) with companies that are willing to hire them. You can choose from full-time, part-time, freelance, and work-from-home jobs. Some companies, spanning MNCs, SMEs, and startups across India, are also offering returning internships a�� an orientation programme to upgrade the skills of women who are getting back to work after five years or more.
    On the revamped site, women have the option to narrow down their hunt for ideal work places to localities as specific as Koramangala or Indiranagar. They can also float resumes with multiple job descriptions. And if employers (out of a list of 1,000-plus) like a profile, they can extend a job offer over email.
    Bagariaa��s team also released an e-book titled The Way Back To The Way Forward: Restarter Journeys this week, chronicling inspiring stories of 20 such a�?restartersa��. The Mumbaikar, who shifted to Bengaluru after marriage in 2005, shutting down her first venture, Paragon in the process, says that some women on a career-break lack self-confidence, while others find it odd to return to their old offices because their peers have become their seniors.
    She tells us one of her success stories. a�?Uma Maheshwari quit her job as AVP of HDFC Bank to look after her children. Even with 18 years of work experience, she could not find a job. She applied on our portal, and in three days, she was called for an interview by Kotak Mahindra Bank. She is now their branch head,a�? she shares.
    Details: jobsforher.com

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