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    Social networking apps for travel are changing the way we look at holidays

    You have to admit, we love to share the best of our travel adventures and anecdotes. Now, instead of just sharing your own diaries, why not find out what other like-minded backpackers are up to? And they needna��t all be known to you, as travel social networking apps like Wayn and Wandermates will show you why. Read on to find our selection of the latest.
    TraveLibro: This app aims to be the ultimate travel planner. With features like the travel diary, it allows you to update check-ins with your friends, make notes on your experiences and more. There are also first-hand reviews of restaurants and tourist spots provided by bloggers and deals given by travel agents. Details: travelibro.com
    Facet: Launched in December, it shows you short videos uploaded by adventurers across the world. There is also a chat room where you can interact with other travellers, while the curated Explore tab shows you videos that match your interests. Details: facet.com
    Backpackr: Launched mid last year, it not only stamps your virtual passport every time you enter a new country, it also saves details of future trips so you can get good company ahead of time. The app sends push notifications whenever it gets a matching profile. The Common Room sees Q&A sessions, while personal messages can also be sent to people you are interested in. Details: backpackr.org
    Enrouto: Slated to release its full version next month, the beta version was launched last June. It connects travellers on common trips. Create a profile, choose the date and destination of your next trip and the app recommends other people with matching travel plans and helps you connect.

    Details: itunes.apple.com a��Karan Pillai


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