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    Fashioned from Damascus steel, carbon and even ceramic, our pick of chefa��s knives that make the cut

    i.oOriental twist
    As versatile as the chefa��s knife is the Oriental slicer and this one by I.O.Shen is a keeper for several reasons. While the blade will effortlessly glide through both vegetables and meats, the tip of the knife mimics a chefa��s knife for precision cutting. Approximately `9,000. Pick this one up at Millya��s Store in Manchester.
    Details: 0161 772 0936

    Global appeal
    Chef Grzegorz Odolak at Park Hyatt swears by Japanese brand Global. Forged from hard Cromova 18 high-carbon stainless steel before being ice tempered and hardened to resist corrosion, this blade is ground straight rather than beveled. The textured stainless steel handle is just one more reason why you must own this one. Approximately `9,000. Be sure to drop by at their showroom in Tokyo. Details: +81 33568 2356

    Swiss slicer
    Besides their Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox are also known to make great knives in high-carbon stainless steel or ceramic. Besides being easily available across the country, they also come in a choice of lightweight Fibrox or rosewood handles. The knife featured is forged for added strength. Approximately `4,000. At the store in Bengaluru. Details: 33668888

    Work ofA�masters
    Forged from a single mass of stainless stel, the chefa��s knife by Sabatire is tempered, ground and polished crosswise. Made entirely by skilled workers in the Thiers region of France, the Corol handles A�of this knife are manually mountedA�on the tang using three rivets. Approximately `3,500. Be sure to pick this up if youa��re visiting France. Details: +33 (0)47380 1103

    The curve
    ShunAnother fine Japanese blade, Shun is the first choice of chef Rajesh Radhakrishnan at The Park. Inspired by Samurai sword-making techniques, and constructed with a core of SG-2 powdered steel clad in a Damascus layer of forged nickel and stainless steel, the surface area of this knife gives it additional brownie points. Approximately `24,000 and available online on williams-sonoma.com

    Take care
    Owning the best knives on the market also means that you need to know how to care for them. While any chef will tell you that sharing your knife is a strict no, we would like to add that they must be kept dry. This is where a magnetic rack comes in. Not only do they serve the purpose of keeping your blades dry, they also display them in style. Like many of the knives on this list, you will also find magnetic racks on williams-sonoma.com

    Ice effect
    A favourite of chef Alok Anand, former executive chef at Taj Coromandel, Zwilling by German manufacturer J.A.Henckels is another go to brand for chefs because of their corrosion-resistant blades that are hard yet flexible. Their range of chef knives (some in Damascus steel) are made via a signature process, which incorporates the Fridour ice-hardening technique. Approximately `12,500. You will find the branda��s showrooms in Frankfurt, Berlin and Solingen. Details: +49 69 282423


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