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    Your dose of in-house activity with high octane video games

    2014 FIFA
    Live your samba dream from home with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game. Expected to hit stores on April 15, the control system will include additional dribbles, flicks and curling passes. More attacking options, penalty and over the back kicks means more excitement while game modes include Road to the World Cup, Rio de Janeiro and Captain Your Country returns. On Xbox and PlayStation 3. Details: easports.com

    Project CARS
    Project CARS (Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is a simulation game expected to release post October. An ultra-realistic racing game with super high resolution renders and real-world physics, there are over 60 licensed cars, 35 real circuits and a few fictional kart tracks. Expect realistic depth of field, motion blur, lightmapping and anisotropic lighting on Xbox One, PC, PS4 and WiiU. Details: slightlymadstudios.com

    Kinect Sports Rivals
    Kinect Sports Rivals brings your favorite sports to Xbox One. The game tracks your movements, instantly scans and creates a stylized, digital champion version of you, and drops you into an arena to compete in football, tennis, bowling, wake racing, target shooting and climbing in an effort to beat other global teams. A gamera��s version of The Hunger Games. Details: xbox.com

    The Gold Club
    A Next-Gen golf game, this multi-player creation cuts loading time to zero while bringing in pretty visuals. Gameplay is expected to be fun yet professional with intuitive control systems, unlimited pre-made courses and an instant course creator. Releasing in April for PS 4, PC and Xbox One. Details: thegolfclubgame.com

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