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    City of pubs youA�say? Bengaluru is fast becoming a cafA� loversa�� paradise insteadWatermelonFetaSaladb

    I love the new cafes that let you work in peace, not that one really needs a reason to cafA�-hop in this city. With every unsuccessful one closing down, two more take its place. And that cannot really be bad news. The Workshop, bang on 100 Feet Road, catches your eye instantly. This 80-seater might not be able to compete with some of the more a�?gourmeta�� joints in the city, but I cana��t help but appreciate the effort they has been taken to cater to a�� food and ambience wise a�� Bengalurua��s ever shifting loyalties. So while you wona��t find artisanal breads and all that jazz here, what you will get is simple, tasty enough food that wona��t make you turn your nose away.
    So apart from the free Wi-Fi (dona��t you just love that?), you are also welcomed with smiling faces, and a corner all to yourself if you need it.
    The menu is basic a�� salads, burgers, pizzas, kebabs, a few mains borrowed from different parts of the world, and desserts. They even have a breakfast menu for the early risers.
    The chicken couscous salad is almost home made, even though Ia��d have liked more chicken and less couscous in it. Not over spiced, it comes with a side of salads greens in a subtly sweet vinaigrette dressing. But it was the banjara kebab that impressed me more.


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