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IT IS time to welcome 2014 and who better than a DJ to tell us which songs will rock the dance floor. With varied artistes like Avicii andHoney Singh having their moment, here are some tracks that will rock the night.

DJ Aqeel, Tamanche pe Disco
A DJ and music producer, Aqeel has given us many memorable remixes like Disco 82 and Keh du Tumhe. He also introduced the concept of super clubs, with Poison in Hyderabad and Goa, and Bling in Mumbaia��s
Leela. This year he will be performing at Lalit, Mumbai
New Year special: I plan to play house, EDMa��since it is catching upa��and a bit of Bollywood, since it is popular.
Hottest song, 2013: It will be Tamanche pe Disco from Bullet Raja. I will be playing that as the clock strikes 12.

DJ Notorious, Lungi Dance
Mumbai-based globetrotter DJ Notori-ous has spun music for Hollywood atA�Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. His debut remix, Jab Andhera Hota Hai, became a party anthem. This year he will be playing at Radisson, Jaipur.
New Year special: 30 or 40 English tracks and Bollywood numbers.
Signature style: I like entertaining my guests visually, too. So expect three screens thata��ll have 3D mapping and projections with lights. Ia��ll also show videos of songs when we getA� closer to countdown.
Hottest song , 2013: Lungi Dance, because it has an amazing tempo and Rajini-kanth or Thalaiva is loved by all.

DJ Henry, Dance Again
DJ Henry is usually known to belt out the latest tracks at Shiro, a club in Mumbai. Find him playing there on New Yeara��s Eve, too.
New Year special: I will be playing Bollywood numbers. I will avoid house music and play countdown numbers. Expect LED walls and lights on the floor.
Hottest song, 2013: Dance Again by Jeniffer Lopez and Give me Everything Tonight by Ne Yo.

DJ Kave, Animals
Popular in the Chennai party circuit, he has been the official DJ for A R Rahmana��s Jai Ho tours and is the official DJ for rapper Hard Kaur. He is best known for including glitch hop, dubstep and breakbeat in his acts. Find him at Candy Club, T Nagar, this New Year.
New Year special: We plan to play a lot of EDM, hip hop and house music. Chennai likes hip hop. We are very unlikely to play Bollywo-od tracks.
Signature style: I am usually known for scratching, so yes, that.
Hottest song, 2013: Animals byA�Martin Garrix.

DJ Shiva Moon, El TiburA?n
DJ Shiva Moon or Shiv Gupta is popular for his electronic music. He has worked with artistes like Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx. This New Year he will be at UV Bar, Goa.
New Year special: Expect techno, house and trance tracks, and electronic music, since the crowd loves it.
Signature style: My music is unique and not commercially heard.
Hottest song, 2013: El TiburA?n by Kaiserdisco.

DJ Chubby, Wake Me Up
Well known for his techhouse music, DJ Chubby performed in 60 to 80 gigs in 2013. This year, the city-based DJ will be performing at Q Bar, Hilton, after which hea��ll head to Goa to perform at Supersonic.
New Year special: I play a lot of tech music but for New Year, I will play club tunes.
Hottest song, 2013: Wake Me Up by Avicii.

Nikhilesh Tekki,Nightdrive in Moscow
Nikhilesh Tekki has been playing EDM for more than five years now. He has also been a resident DJ at Winchester HotelA� and Radisson Blu in Chennai.
Hottest song, 2013: Nightdrive in Moscow by 5 Reasons.

DJ Dominic Rozario, Wake Me Up
City-based DJ Dominic Rozario has been performing at Hilton for overA� a year now. He kicks off his 2014 journey at Blend in Taj Club House. a�?I play everything except Hindi and Tamil music. I play a lot of retro and disco music,a�? he says.
New Year special: I will be playing a lot of pop, hip-hop and house.
Signature style: Retro and house.
Hottest song, 2014: Wake Me Up by Avicii.

DJ Arjun Vagale, Terrakoz
The new year will find Vagale at Leather Bar, The Park. A specialist in techno, the DJ will be playing that and 2013 hits.
Hottest song, 2013:A� His own composition, Terrakoz.

a�� Mrinalini Sundar & Sumitra Nair


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