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    The Hyatt Bengaluru now serves you A�lunch in a box

    The Mumbai dabbawallahs inspire the food business across the world. In fact, quite a few restaurants across the country even serve meals in a tiffin carrier, which pretty much is like an ode to the dabbawallahs.
    The latest to join the brigade is the Hyatt Bengaluru. At their poolside all-day diner, Lido, you can now order a quick meal for lunch that will come to you in a tiffin carrier. All you have to do is choose from the vegetarian or the non-vegetarian section, from which you can again pick your meat a�� fish, mutton, or chicken a�� or egg.
    We got the one with fish, and chicken. The meal is pretty basic; you get rice, rotis, dal, a few fried starters, some salad, the main curry, curd, and dessert, which is typically an Indian sweet.
    So no, ita��s not a gourmet spread that will take you by surprise, and ita��s definitely not unique. But the meal is portioned well, and the chefs have definitely managed to get the a�?just like homea�� concept right.
    The chicken curry was quite delicious, and is generously
    portioned. The spices were balanced, and it wasna��t unnecessarily spicy.
    The fish curry on the other hand was sort of fashioned after a Bengali fish curry, and while it tasted rather decent, Ia��d have preferred if they chose a fish that Bengalis are actually known to eat, such as the rohu or the catla.
    However, ita��s a decent option to go for if youa��re in the neighbourhood. Incidentally, we spotted a few resident guests enjoying their meal wholeheartedly. According to me, it beats having to pick from dozens of dishes on a buffet on most days.

    `500 ++ upwards.
    At Hyatt Bengaluru, off
    Trinity Circle.
    Details: 49361234


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