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    Chris Hemsworth on the thunder goda��s physics-defying hammer and his fellow superheroes

    CHRIS Hemsworth is everywhere. His superhero character, Thor, was immortalised in wax by the Sydney branch of Madame Tussauds museum and was displayed outside the Sydney Opera House last week. The active Instagrammer has been flooding the app with sexy surfing shots and, on the family front, when he is not busy getting pedicures from his two-year-old daughter India Rose, the super dad is throwing adorable petting zoo birthday parties for his year-old twin boys. And though the actor doesna��t have a comedy background, he recently hosted the SNL show, where his monologue included his real-life brothers and a lot of jokes. After an unsuccessful outing as a brawny hacker in his last film (Blackhat), Hemsworth is looking forward to reprising Thor in the upcoming Avengersa��Age of Ultron. The Aussie star gets talking about director Joss Whedon, the cast and friction with Iron Man. More from him:

    So Thor is now living on Earth.
    We see a more grounded, earthly version of Thor than we have in the past. Ita��s nice because there are a few more opportunities for humor and to see him in some casual gear, instead of the cape and the armor that we always see him in.

    Tell us about Thora��s role within The Avengers team?
    Hea��s a central part of the team now. Hea��s established and therea��s certainly a unity that theya��ve all formed that is solid. Thor sees a bigger picture of the current conflict thata��s going on. Therea��s the initial battle that theya��re involved in, but Thor uses his Asgardian knowledge and starts to tap into some otherworldly possibilities to use against the threats that he thinks are coming.

    Is there some animosity amongst
    The Avengers?
    There is as much conflict in the group as therea��s been in the past and Thor certainly pinpoints a lot of the problems with Iron Man, and blames him and has a lot of animosity towards him. Thor and Captain America always see each other as equals, so therea��s not quite the ego clash there. The rest of the team melds together but Stark is Thora��s biggest problem. Thora��s an easy target for Stark, who is full of sarcasm and wit. Therea��s Thor standing there in a Halloween-like costume from another world and Stark enjoys having a dig at him, but Thor likes giving it back, too.

    Is it true that this film features bigger stunts and new fighting tools.
    I wanted to get away from the image of Thor appearing like a Viking and just swinging a weapon around and being strong. Thor and Captain America often pair up and do certain things as a team.

    Tell us about working with Joss Whedon?
    Any time you have a director whoa��s also written the script, ita��s a huge benefit because they can articulate exactly what their intentions were when they wrote that character. Hea��s such a smart guy to be able to bring this many characters together and give them all a purpose.

    Have you gotten better with the hammer after four films?
    Yes, I have. Ia��ve got little flairs but nothing that impressive. When the CGI comes in, it ends up being a bit more impressive than the little flick I can do with it. It feels funny though, standing on set in that costume without the hammer. I dona��t know where to put my hands. Evans talks about the same thing, too, if he doesna��t have his belt buckle to hold onto. Youa��re left standing there and you feel kind of naked.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron is scheduled to release on April 24.

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