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    Ita��s strange that in a country like India, where social media networks are consumed voraciously, the culture of podcasting is still in its nascent stage. The world of podcasting is much like radio, but with a lot of freedom. On radio, you as a presenter are told what to do and shown where the boundaries are. Sometimes, you might really want the word out on a topic, but because the issue is sensitive (or because of a stationa��s mandate) it never gets heard on air.

    Podcasting is a more chilled-out broadcasting platform. If you want to set up your own podcast site, you can do so without any hasslea��just make sure you know what your content is and, of course, you will need good bandwidth in case you want to stream live. The beauty of having a podcast site is that you are your own boss, the microphone is your sabre and your content is what will drive your listeners by the thousands.

    In India, in spite of millions of bloggers, not many have taken to podcasting. A lot of people assume that to podcast you need a good voice. But let me be honest, they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So, on a podcast, ita��s not your voice that matters, ita��s the message/content. Ia��ve been mulling the idea of having a podcast network and, trust me, if I have it up and running you will be the first to have a slot.

    Audiomatic on the web is a podcasting network for you to sample. It is founded by Tariq Ansari, who also owns and operates Radio One. There are shows like Ask Aakar, Food Podcast, Intersection and the like, and theya��ll give you an idea on how to podcast in case you have the inclination for it. There is also Indicast, which has a wide variety to offer. Hopefully, in the coming year, there will be many more such networks. AIB (All India Bakchod) also has a podcast and it is a great listen. I think I should get with the movement by podcasting this column. See you next week.


    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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