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Celebrities who have made realistic resolutions for 2017

2017 is here and it is time to make our resolutions (whether we follow them or not). When Zendaya Coleman posted a relatable yet small resolution of not ignoring calls anymore on her website last month, it inspired many other celebrities, and the public, to not shoot for the stars, but make smaller, more achievable goals. We take a look at a few more celebrities who have set attainable goals.

Singer-songwriter Kesha Rose Sebert has been caught up in a court case against her producer Dr Luke, who allegedly assaulted her. But the 29-year-old star hopes to start fresh this year by giving her fans the music they deserve. ai???Just got back a mix of me and someone singing a duet, crying happy tears, never in my life imagined this dream could ever actually come true, I just want to make art. And let you hear it… And my New Years resolution is to finish my record and give it to you,ai??? (sic) she posted on Instagram.

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Comedian and actress, Judy Gold has a funny goal. The 54-year-old Emmy Award winner has stated in a recent interview, ai???My New Yearai??i??s resolution is to stop reacting to Donald Trumpai??i??s tweets. Actually, who do I think Iai??i??m kidding?ai??? Gold, who is also credited with writing for the shows Two Broke Girls, Sex and the City and Mellissa and Joey, seems skeptical
about her plan.

Charlie Puth
Musician Charlie Puth wants himself and everyone to feel confident and remain peaceful. The One Call Away, singer said in an interview at iHeart Radioai??i??s Jingle Ball music festival last December that his resolution was ai???To calm down; to take a breath.ai??? The 25-year-old cancelled his Donai??i??t Talk tour by citing an illness after his recent break up with starlet Bella Thorne.

Annaleigh Ashford
Legally Blonde actress and singer Annaleigh Ashford has a simple plan for 2017ai??i?? she wants to cut down on soda. Performing at Feinsteinai??i??s/54 Below, the 31-year-old stated , ai???My New Yearai??i??s resolution is to recycle better, and to cut back on the LaCroix (soda).ai??? She has also recorded a new song with Will Van Dyke and Jeff Talbott, entitled A New Year .


Grace Martine Tandon aka Daya, stated in an interview this month, ai???My New Yearai??i??s resolution is to chill, to relax more because Iai??i??ve just been going up until this point. Itai??i??s been craziness.” Having won the Radio Disney Music Award for the Best New Artiste this year the 18-year-old, wants to take things slow after being nominated
for 2017 Grammy Awards.


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