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    From origami to pottery, therea��s a lot to learn this summer and plenty of ways to keep your tots busy

    Last week, we told you where to go to add some adventure into your childa��s vacation. This time, ita��s all about letting them get their hands dirty. And by that we mean with paints, clay, gum, the works. Registrations are open for classes on painting, calligraphy, decoupage and more. Here are five outfits we think your kids might enjoy registering at.

    You may have told your children not to play with fire, but now you will have to give them permission to do just that! The pyrography workshop at DakshinChitra is a popular one. Meaning a�?writing with firea��, an in-house artist will teach children how to first sketch on wood and then a�?painta�� it by scorching it, in a controlled manner, with a soldering pen. You can make coasters, wall hangings and more using this technique. On May 9, from 10 am to 4 pm. For children between eight and 14. Rs 600. Details: 9841777779

    Forum Art Gallery
    There is something for everyone here. Young ones (five and above) can keep busy with clay modelling and mask making at the Art and Craft Workshop (April 27 – 30 and May 11 – 14, at Rs 2,000) or fashioning unique pieces from discarded materials at the Recycle Craft with Junk workshop (May 4 a�� 7, at Rs 2,000). For children eight and above, therea��s the Origami workshop to master the Japanese art of paper folding (April 20 a�� 23, at Rs 2,000) or the three-week Art Program, where they can learn the basics of sketching, painting and perspective, guided by a senior artist (April 20 – May 15, at Rs 4,500). Details: 42115596

    Ilangoa��s Artspaces
    Starting April 10, this art centre will be the place to be as they are organising workshops galore. Kicking off with metal embossing (April 10-11, Rs 1,000), you can register for classes on Decoupage, where you decorate an object by gluing coloured paper cut-outs, in combination with painting (April 28-30, Rs 1,500). Also choose from Neon Paper Quilling (roll, shape and glue paper strips to make decorative pieces – April 15-17, Rs 1,500), Watercolour Study (still lives and landscapes – April 13-17, Rs 4,000) and more. Details: ilangosartspace.org

    Rainbow Fish Studio
    Seven professional artistsa��like Benitha Perciyal, who has shown at the Delhi Art Fair, and Potrarasan Suban, who holds an MFA in ceramicsa��will be working with children for a week, to teach them the basics of art like pottery, sculpture, collage, mixed media, 3D art and printmaking. Held between April 20 and May 15, children between six and 14 can register for the series of a�?Create Art with a Professional Artista�� workshops, depending on their interests. Rs 4,900. Details: 24470438

    Inko Centre
    Calligraphy is not just painting shapes on papera��ita��s like a choreographed dance melding impulse, movement and poise. Now children between seven and 15 can learn modern Korean calligraphya��using a brush, ink, inkstone and the Korean alphabet on hanji papera��from Juae Park, a calligrapher from Korea. The three-part workshop also includes classes in Taekwondo and choral music (9 am to 12 pm). If the martial art form is too strenuous, then there is a yoga elective for the afternoon group (1 – 4 pm). May 11-22, at Rs 6,500. Details: 24361224

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