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Model-turned-host Archana Vijaya turns fairy godmother in a new reality show

USUALLY, she dons make-up and high heels for her sassy model avatar, but now Archana Vijaya is all about free-spirited roller coaster rides. A self-confessed travel junkie, she is teaming up with Colgate to help four people follow their passion. Colgate Max Fresh a�� Live The Fresh Life, an upcoming show on Bindaas, will take four winners on a no-holds-barred journey across the country. Shortlisted from a group of 20 who are currently auditioning, they will relive their passion live on television a�� covering adventure sports, singing and art.

Life lessons
a�?The show is all about doing something different. And helping people who are short of time or opportunity live their passion,a�? begins Vijaya, the model-turned-host, adding, a�?From the 1,000 initial entries, ita��s down to only 20 for the final auditions.a�? Vijaya will also travel the country to identify the winners.

a�?I will be selecting the final four and accompanying them across India to various locations. Ita��s very different from my earlier show, Life Mein Ek Baar-2 on Fox Traveller, where I also participated in adventure sports along with celebrities. Live The Fresh Life is a first-of-its-kind show that focuses only on common people,a�? she explains.

Eye for adventure
Besides being a judge and the face of the show, Vijaya helps participants audition and shares tips on proper television presentation. a�?So far, I have heard some inspiring stories from them about how they manage their families and careers. Also, coupled with tales about the lack of opportunities to do things that they love, which is something we are trying to fulfill for them,a�? says the IPL host who is also splitting her time watching Game of Thrones, MasterChef and catching up with the World Cup games.

When asked about her shift from the glamour of modelling to her current rugged free-spirited lifestyle, Vijaya is quick to credit Discovery Channela��s Man vs. Wild, which was originally called Born Suvivor. a�?The way Bear Grylls, the host, managed to survive in inhabitable conditions in every episode is something I dona��t think I will ever be able to do, but can aspire to,a�? she shares.

And as for the ongoing FIFA World Cup, she was hoping to watch the drama of Italy from Italy, but missed out since the country was eliminated by Uruguay. a�?That said, I am heartbroken that Spain is out,a�? she says, revealing her loyalties, and adding that there is not much difference between anchoring football and cricket. a�?You just need to be able to ask the experts the right questions,a�? she tells us from experience.

Final takeaway
Currently in Mumbai for the auditions of Live the Fresh Life, Vijaya says ita��s hard to pick whom to send through and whom to let go.
a�?You can see their experiences on Facebook as both the Bindaas and Colgate Max Fresh pages are chronicling them,a�? says the leggy lass, adding, a�?You can also watch it on Bindaas. Others who were not shortlisted can follow the pages to vote for their favourite participant, and if their choice gets shortlisted in the end, they can win exciting prizes too,a�? she signs off.

The show is slated for an August release on Bindaas. You can also catch bits of the ongoing action from the auditions in the promos that are currently airing on the channel.

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