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    She is referred to as the a�?Bra Queen of India.a�� But according to her, she is more Dagny Taggart of Ayn Randa��s Atlas Shrugged. Arpita Ganesh is one of Indiaa��s leading authorities on lingerie. Following training in bra fitting from two well-known brands in Paris and Belgium, she has personally fit over 3,000 women in India since 2008, including celebrities.

    Bra Queen of India

    Bra Queen of India

    Founder of Buttercups, Ganesh is changing the way Indian women interact with lingerie. a�?Every other woman that I look at needs a bra fitting. And I itch to go up to them and say, a�?hey, do you know how much better you can look and feel, if you could only wear the right size?,a��a�? says Ganesh, who also has an app to help find your right bra size, a first of its kind in India. a�?I am passionate about helping women find it, because when I found mine, it changed my life!a�?
    After six hard, long years of persevering, she has finally secured funding from angel investors to start her online store for an exclusive international line of lingerie. She will also open a a�?Sitting Rooma�� with a fitter in Indiranagar. The online store, which will open in March next year, will be first accessible to the women who put their faith and money in her venture a few years ago. When her attempts to raise funds for her venture did not yield any fruits, Ganesh thought of raising money through crowd funding. In three months, she was able to raise `5 lakhs from 200 women. a�?The faith that these women put in me was my driving force,a�? says Ganesh.
    In an earlier conversation with YourStory (her.yourstory.com), she shared her difficult journey as an entrepreneur. a�?Following a passion that is still a�?tabooa�� in India has been challenging. I am fighting myths, changing mindsets and educating even the most educated women in an area of their life that they have never given thought to or never openly talked about. Trying to explain to investors, many of them men, is a challenge.a�?

    Dipti Nair, consulting
    editor at YourStory.com, brings you the latest on start-up incubators.


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