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    Dunzo will run your errands for you

    Dunzo, a concierge app, makes your work days hassle-free. Running errands can take up time and effort, but with Dunzo it has never been easier. The app promises that their helpers will get all sorts of tasks done smoothly and efficiently a�� right from bringing you an ice cream from Corner House to getting a document photocopied from down the road or even fixing your phone.
    The app had its humble beginnings unofficially on Whatsapp when they would offer similar services. Started by four Bengalureans a�� Ankur Aggarwal, Dalvir Suri, Kabeer Biswas and Mukund Jha a�� the app has a simple interface where users can list out their requests in the form of a to-do-list and can track the executivea��s progression as he gets it done.
    a�?Once a customer asked us to go down to a club on Brigade road before a party and take pictures of the crowd in order to decide whether they should visit or not,a�? says Jha, adding that they have also removed pigeons from balconies.
    The startup has its own logistics team and does not depend on third-party delivery firms. a�?This way, we have a lot more control over the experience,a�? he says. The biggest challenge Jha and his team have faced is that of scaling. Most of the requests are hyper local, so they have to hire from within the area and have to build their supply. They have a very small operational team, consisting of only 10 people online at a time.
    Soon, they will launch a group chat mode on the app. Users can collaborate and add their friends or families to each task. For instance, if you are getting grocery delivered, you can add your wife to the task to coordinate. They charge `30 for tasks within a three-kilometre radius and a flat `60 for everything beyond.
    Available on play.google.com and itunes.apple.com

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